Are 2007 Jeep Cherokees good cars?

Are 2007 Jeep Cherokees good cars?

Edmunds’ Expert Review The 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the better midsize SUVs available for off-road capability and engine selection.

Is a 2007 Jeep Cherokee reliable?

one of the most reliable car ive owned Performance 4.0. Value for the money 4.0. Exterior styling 4.0. Reliability 4.0.

What is the difference between a Jeep Cherokee and a Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Most of the differences between the Sport and the Classic involve comfort and convenience features. The Classic has roof rails and a leather-covered wheel; the Sport had no rails and a plastic steering wheel. The Classic offers 66 cubic feet of cargo space, while the Sport offers 69 cubic feet of cargo space.

Is Jeep Cherokee sport a good car?

The Cherokee is a small SUV with decent on-road chops and excellent off-roading capability, but it’s tough to recommend. It has a high base price and falls short of many rivals in most areas. It’s also worth considering the larger Jeep Grand Cherokee for extra space, but only if you have the room in your budget.

How many miles will a 2007 Jeep Cherokee last?

Look for Consistent Care; Mileage Doesn’t Matter When in reality, the Jeep fanatics know that as long as the vehicle has been well-maintained, those Jeeps could easily last for another 150,000 miles.

Why are Jeep Cherokees so unreliable?

There were multiple reasons why the 2019 Cherokee had such a low reliability score. The main cause, however, was due to a long history of transmission issues that had plagued the Cherokee since its 2014 model year. As a result, owners of the 2019 Cherokee gave its in-car electronics a 1 out of 5 rating for reliability.

What year Jeep Cherokee should I avoid?

Hopefully, the 2020 or 2021 Jeep Cherokee has addressed these transmission, engine, and electrical issues. Until new information about newer model years comes out, be sure to avoid Jeep Cherokees from 2014, 2015, and 2019.

Where can I buy a 2007 Jeep Cherokee?

The Grand Cherokee is sold in Overland, Laredo and Limited variations for 2007. An electronic stability system and one-touch up/down front-door windows are standard. A new 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 is available for 2007. The Grand Cherokee can also be equipped with a 3.7-liter V-6, a 4.7-liter V-8 or a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8.

What are the trim levels of the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee models The 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee midsize SUV comes in four trim levels: Laredo, Limited, Overland and SRT8. The Laredo offers power windows, a CD player with an auxiliary input jack, 60/40 split-folding rear seat, reversible cargo floor with water-resistant storage and air-conditioning.

Is the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee more fuel efficient?

Our 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee trim comparison will help you decide. Here’s a simple lesson in physics. The bigger and heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it takes to move it even if you choose a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine. I’m not sure how a physicist might write the formula.

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee a good SUV?

The 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the better midsize SUVs available for off-road capability and engine selection. Since 1992, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been well received by daily commuters and desert trekkers alike.