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Are Bushnell AR optics any good?

Are Bushnell AR optics any good?

It’s a solid scope, even a bit heavy in my opinion but feels very well made. Turrets click nicely for adjusting poi. Paralax adjustment is nice to bring into to clear focus the scope if at 30 yards or 230 yards etc. My only gripe about the scope is the fact it wouldnt hold zero.

What is Bushnell AR optics?

Product Details. The Bushnell® AR Optics Rifle Scope is designed specifically for AR-platform rifles and carbines. Compensation for bullet drop and wind drift can be made with either the reticle, or with the scope’s exposed, MIL target turrets, which adust in 0.1-MIL increments.

Where are Bushnell AR scopes made?

The Bushnell AR scope series are manufactured in South Korea.

Did Bushnell buy Weaver?

Weaver in 1930. Since its inception, Weaver has established itself as a brand that focused on offering affordable and well-made rifle scopes in the sports optics market. In addition to Weaver Optics, the ATK group also owns several other optics brands, including Bushnell, Simmons, Tasco, and Millet.

Is Tasco made by Bushnell?

These brands were later spun-off. In 2002, Bushnell bought the sporting optics company Tasco. Tasco is a major international distributor of telescopes. Tasco’s other products include terrestrial spotting scopes, microscopes, binoculars, and telescopic sights and other rifle accessories.

Is Weaver out of business?

Weaver Optics is not out of business as they are continuing to manufacture and sell the Weaver brand of scope bases and rings. However, Weaver is no longer producing or selling the Weaver brand of rifle scopes.

Does Bushnell own Tasco?

Is Nikon out of the scope business?

A few weeks, in late December of 2019, Nikon announced that its rifle scope division would cease operation and production of scopes effective January 1st, 2020.

Is Bushnell better than Tasco?

I like the Tasco better myself… low light, the Bushnell wins, but that’s cuz the big objective on mine. But the Thrashco has served me very well, considering I paid $70 bucks for it and stuck it on a rifle that’ll shoot sub MOA without too much effort.