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Are Dickies 874 chinos?

Are Dickies 874 chinos?

The 874 Cropped pant is part of our Icons range, a reinvented core Dickies piece. We’ve adjusted our iconic straight leg twill chino with a cropped leg and cut for women. With all the authentic detailing of our signature 874 pant, offered in three classic fade resistant colours.

What does 874 mean in Dickies?

Original Fit
The 874 (Original Fit) The 873 (Slim Straight Fit) The 872 (Slim Fit) The 803 (Slim Skinny Fit, which is now discontinued by Dickies)

Are Dickies 874 straight leg?

The 874 is the original Dickies Work Pant. The 874 has the baggiest fit of all the styles with a straight leg.

What are Dickies 874 made of?

polyester/cotton blend
The 874 is the perfect pant for any job—whether you’re at the office or getting dirty on a jobsite. The polyester/cotton blend makes it durable with easy care—meaning it’s machine washable no matter what job you wear it through.

What is the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies?

Dickies is the original brand of product line from Dickies. Genuine Dickies is a separate and cheaper line of Dickies products that is offered mostly by Walmart, Target and other large retailers. “Dickies” is a brand name, “genuine dickies” is also a brand name.

Are Dickies pants good?

They fit and feel great. I especially like the cell phone pocket because it protects my phone well, is out of the way, and is easily accessible. Dickies pants have always lasted the longest when compared to other brands I’ve purchased. All around good pair of pants.

Do Dickies work pants fade?

The fabrics in these work pants might seem flat to start, but beat them down and they can fade, albeit in a slightly different way than jeans. …

How often should you wash Dickies?

Like we said above, once every two to three weeks is plenty for most people. Some people may need to wash them more often if they tend to get very dirty at work, but this will still often shorten the overalls’ life.

How can you tell fake Dickies?

Authentic Dickies brand merchandise is available only through authorized licensees, distributors and retailers. The only way to know you are getting the authentic Dickies brand fit, features, quality and guarantee is to purchase only authentic Dickies brand merchandise.

Are Dickies good quality?

Dickies denim is high in quality. Most pairs are constructed out of light to medium weight denim. There are some pairs that are made out of heavy weight denim for people who need more protection on the job. The denim that is used is extremely durable, so that it will not get destroyed while you are working on a job.

Why do skateboarders wear Dickies?

Comfort, style and durability are the main reasons why our riders choose Dickies. They simply want something durable that allows them to land their tricks and move freely without sacrificing style, be it on street, tranny or any other terrain conditions.

Do Dickies last long?

Dickies pants have always lasted the longest when compared to other brands I’ve purchased. All around good pair of pants.