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Are distress markers discontinued?

Are distress markers discontinued?

(unfortunately the distress version has been discontinued, but there is a We R Memories version that is very similar through Simon and Amazon.) The spritzer can be used with distress markers, copic markers, sharpie markers…well, you get the idea, whatever the marker, it will probably work.

How many Tim Holtz Distress Inks are there?

Tim Holtz Distress Inks are a collection of 36 waterbased inks that are perfect for the vintage, stained, and aged effects crafters are creating for scrapbook pages, cards, rubber stamping, and altered art projects.

How do distress markers work?

At first glance Distress Markers appear to be just your standard pen. They have a brush tip on one end, and a fine detail point on the other. Above you can see a tag that was coated with Distress Stain, stamped some dots with Distress Ink, edged with Distress Marker, and then squirted with water.

Are Tim Holtz Distress inks permanent?

Distress inks are amazing just because they react with water and they are not permanent. It gives you the ability to play with many different techniques.

What’s the difference between distress ink and distress oxide?

The first distinct difference is one of formula. Distress Inks fall into the family of dye inks. Distress Oxides, on the other hand, are primarily constructed of pigment ink, a type of ink that is opaque and, due to its natural thickness, dries more slowly.

Are Tim Holtz Distress markers water based?

The dual tip markers are ideal for many coloring techniques. We recommend storing Distress Markers horizontally to keep ink flowing at both tips. Tim Holtz Distress Markers are water-based inks for coloring, journaling, stamping and more. The dual tip markers are ideal for many coloring techniques.

Are distress stains permanent?

On drying up it will give that unique distress look to your tag. It has unique water reactive qualities. Hence the paint is blend-able when wet. But when it gets dried out it becomes permanent.

What is the difference between distress ink and distress stain?

What is the difference between Distress Spray Stains and Dylusions Ink Sprays? Dylusions Ink Spray is designed to ghost and lighten while Distress Spray Stain is designed to wick and mottle when wet. Both products are acid free, non-toxic water based dye inks.