Are Double Coin tires Chinese?

Are Double Coin tires Chinese?

Double Coin Tires are supplied by China Manufacturers Alliance, LLC, which is based in Monrovia, California and is a subsidiary of Shanghai Huayi Group Corporation Ltd.

Who owns Double Coin?

Shanghai Huayi
Double Coin (Chinese: 双钱) is a Chinese manufacturer of radial tires for trucks. It is headquartered in Shanghai and is majority owned by Shanghai Huayi. Double Coin also makes Warrior brand car and light truck tires in a joint venture with Michelin.

Are Double Coin Tyres good?

The Double Coin’s performance has been exceptional even when compared to the major brands. I have found the Double Coin OTR tyres to be one of the best cost per hour tyres on the market. The Double Coin’s performance has been exceptional even when compared to the major brands.

Where is Double Coin made?

MONROVIA, Calif., July 20, 2017 – Double Coin and CMA, a leading tire manufacturer and marketer is pleased to announce that construction has been completed on its new advanced manufacturing facility in Thailand.

Who manufactures Aeolus?

Founded in 1965, Aeolus is one of the top 20 tire manufacturers in the world. Owned by ChemChina, Aeolus exports to more than 140 countries. Aeolus continues to set a high bar for innovation and manufacturing quality.

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Where are Aeolus tires made?

In 1965, Aeolus was founded in the city of Jiaozuo (Henan Province), as a factory specialized in manufacturing OTR tyres.

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