Are Gunnison sage grouse endangered?

Are Gunnison sage grouse endangered?

Endangered (Population decreasing)
Gunnison grouse/Conservation status

When can you see Gunnison sage grouse?

When to see Gunnison Sage-grouse displays: The best time to view the elaborate and bizarre breeding dance of the Gunnison Sage-grouse is from 1 April to early-May. Gunnison Sage-grouse wake up early and arrive on the leks (breeding grounds) before dawn.

How many Gunnison sage grouse are left?

Gunnison sage-grouse range is limited to southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah. The total population of greater sage-grouse is estimated between 200,000 and 400,000, while there are less than 5,000 Gunnison sage-grouse remaining.

Why is the Gunnison sage grouse endangered?

Current and expected declines in Gunnsion sage-grouse numbers – due to threats from energy development, livestock grazing, habitat loss and fragmentation, and West Nile virus – was sufficient for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists to recommend listing the bird as endangered in 2005.

Where can I see sage grouse?

Gunnison Sage-grouse predictably use the Waunita Lek, located 19 miles east of Gunnison just north of Hwy 50. Turn north on County Road 887 (Waunita Hot Springs Road) and go 0.6 miles to a small pull-off on the right where you can view the birds.

Where can I buy sage grouse in Colorado?

In Colorado sage grouse occur only in the western portion of the state. The Colorado–Eagle River Valley seems to be the dividing line between the two species’ ranges, with greater sage grouse occupying sagebrush rangelands north of the river valley and Gunnison sage grouse to the south.

Why are sage-grouse important?

Sage grouse are an important part of the web of life in the West. When we protect habitat for sage grouse, we protect habitat for hundreds of other animals including elk, deer, and antelope, creating a cascade effect for conservation.

Why is sage-grouse a keystone species?

The Greater Sage-Grouse is considered a keystone species for the entire sagebrush ecosystem, since sufficient conservation efforts for the bird would in effect protect an additional 350 species of wildlife as well as the viability of the agricultural landscape.

Can sage grouse fly?

In a mild winter, sage grouse may choose to fly to their nesting grounds earlier than a harsh winter. Or if snow comes early in the fall, sage grouse move more quickly to wintering grounds.

Are there grouse in Colorado?

Formerly known as the blue grouse, it’s a workingman’s bird, a mountain dweller that makes its summer home in highland meadows and migrates in reverse to spend the cold of winter in the conifers of Colorado’s upper elevations.

Where can I find sage grouse?