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Are Hayden transmission coolers good?

Are Hayden transmission coolers good?

Between its high GVW rating, efficient plate and fin style design, and affordability, the Hayden Automotive 679 transmission cooler is by far one of the best transmission coolers available. The 30,000 GVW allows for ample trans cooling in most common applications and it’s price certainly is friendly on your wallet.

Can you put a fan on a transmission cooler?

Find an auxiliary fan that covers as much of the radiator core surface as possible. Consider installing a transmission cooler with integrated electric fan (such as Flex-a-lite part #4190) to move this heat source somewhere other than in front of the radiator.

Where do you mount a trans cooler with a fan?

Mounting a transmission cooler is typically best in front of the air conditioning condenser so it gets ample air flow. Mounting here provides significant air flow which will help keep temperatures low. In addition, having the right parts to install a transmission makes the process easier.

Where are Hayden transmission coolers made?

Located in Lewisville, Texas, Hayden Automotive engineers, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products designed to keep your car, truck or performance vehicle running cool.

Are transmission coolers worth it?

A transmission cooler will just help to prolong the life of the transmission by keeping the fluid cooler. Transmission fluid cannot be cooled too much, so the addition of a cooler is a good idea, especially if you are towing.

Does an oil cooler need a fan?

Ideally, an oil cooler should face directly into the oncoming air stream and, just as important, should provide a proper exhaust path from the rear of the heat exchanger. If you need a cooling fan, it’s better to pull air than push it. If you need to use a cooling fan, it’s better to pull air than push it.

What makes transmission overheat?

Low fluid levels or old transmission fluid causes friction between the parts and causes overheating. Fluid problems are the most common reason for transmissions overheating.

Are trans coolers directional?

Can Transmission Fluid Flow Through Either Direction on a Transmission Cooler. Helpful Expert Reply: The cooler can have fluid flow in either direction through it.

How do I choose a transmission cooler?

Before selecting a transmission cooler, you need to know the GVWR for your particular car. The GVWR number can range from 10,000 to more than 30,000 pounds, and a higher number indicates that your car uses more fluid and needs a higher efficiency cooler.

Do cooling transmission pans work?

Some can actually help to improve the transmission’s performance. For example, deep pans can help tremendously with cooling since your transmission is able to contain more ATF.

What kind of coolant does a Hayden transmission use?

Hayden’s 37mm heavy duty plate / fin coolers are ideal for transmission and engine oil cooling applications requiring higher flow range and increased heat transfer capacity in a compact space.

What can you do with a Hayden heavy duty oil cooler?

Designed for rugged, heavy duty use, Hayden heavy duty oil coolers can be used for many different cooling applications, including transmission, engine, gear box, hydraulic oils and diesel fuel. Available in one-pass, two-pass and one-row options, Hayden heavy duty oil coolers featured brazed copper tubes with aluminum fin construction.

What kind of fan controller does Hayden use?

Hayden Fan Controllers Analog Fan Controllers Digital Fan Controller (PWM) Fan Controllers Heavy Duty Coolers HD Multi-Use Oil Coolers

When did Perry Hayden invent the transmission cooler?

Since the invention of the transmission cooler by Mr. Perry Hayden in 1961, Hayden has continued to add innovative products to meet the needs of its customers while investing in continuous improvements and maintaining superior quality standards. Blue Streak ® has been the flagship brand for Standard performance products for over 80 years.