Are Konosuke knives good?

Are Konosuke knives good?

It’s a well made knife, solid performance and at the price point (or at least it was when I got one) a very nice purchase.

Who owns Bernal Cutlery?

Josh Donald
According to Bernal Cutlery co-owner Josh Donald, who founded the business in 2010 with his wife, Kelly Kozak, the plan to open a larger space has been in the works for a while.

What is HD2 steel?

The HD2 line is made from proprietary semi-stainless steel that takes on an easy patina and a keen edge. We highly recommend this line to virtually any cook who is looking to invest in a carbon-like stainless steel blade that can handle nearly all tasks.

What is the best knife brand in the world?

The top 10 knife brands are MAC Knives, Wüsthof, Zwilling J.A Henckels, Global Knives, Made In Cookware, Mercer Culinary, Korin, Shun, Victorinox and Cook Potluck.

What is GS+ Steel?

Konosuke GS+ Chestnut Wa-gyuto – 240mm Semi stainless steel is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel ground down to a fine edge. An excellent blade for precision cutting but hard tasks like jointing a chicken should be avoided at all costs. This is the traditional method of setting Sakai blades.

What is a zirh knife?

Made for use with a rocking motion, these large blades make quick work of mincing meat, herbs and vegetables together. Think of it as a giant single handled mezzaluna or hachoir.

Which is the best brand of Konosuke knives?

Konosuke Knives. Konosuke Knives and Cutlery, also known as Kaneshige Cutlery. We are very proud to be the first US distributor of these fine Japanese knives made in Sakai City. Konosuke is renowned for high quality fit and finish using the finest quality steels.

Who are the best knife makers in Japan?

When visiting Echizen on one of our Japan trips, we met with Ryusen Hamono, the maker of Blazen knives. Their commitment to excellence in grind quality, fit and finish, and consistency in each line they made was most impressive.

Where to buy Japanese kitchen knives in Denver?

Located downtown Denver in the River North Arts District. Shop a wide selection of handmade Japanese kitchen knives, specialty cooking tools, & sharpening supplies. Full service whetstone sharpening and repair services.

What kind of knives are used in kikumori?

Kikumori is praised for their beautiful craftsmanship utilizing traditional techniques specific to their region.