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Are Richard Mille watches good quality?

Are Richard Mille watches good quality?

Although Richard Mille has only been around for a couple of decades, thanks to their craftsmanship, ingenuity, and overall idiosyncrasy, they have taken the high-end luxury watch world by storm. Richard Mille has quickly become the most exclusive brand in the game.

Do Richard Mille watches lose value?

On the resale market, Mille consistently goes up in value. Hiaeve told Insider he’s seen some go from $100,000 to $120,000, up 20% to 30%, every few months. Not just because they are beautiful, but because they also retain their value.

How much is a RM 3801?

In 2014, Richard Mille introduced the RM 38-01, a mechanical tourbillon watch with a titanium case designed just for Watson. According to Richard Mille, the retail price for the watch is $825,000, and only 50 were made.

What is the best Richard Mille?

Here are 10 of the finest watches designed by Richard Mille.

  1. RM 60-01 Regatta Flyback Chronograph.
  2. RM 027 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon.
  3. RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon.
  4. RM 008 Felipe Massa.
  5. RM 057 Jackie Chan Tourbillon Dragon.
  6. RM 051 Michelle Yeoh RG Phoenix.
  7. RM 018 Meteorite Watch – $1 million.
  8. RM 52-01 Red Skull – $1,413,040.

Who owns a Richard Mille watch?

Richard Mille joined forces with his good friend Dominique Guenat, owner of Guenat SA Montres Valgine, to make his dream comes true. It was in 1988 that Dominique Guenat and Richard Mille first met, while the latter was Head of Watchmaking and CEO of Jewellery at Mauboussin, in relation to making watches.

Who owns a Richard Mille?

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Type Private
Area served Worldwide
Key people Richard Mille (Chairman) Dominique Guenat (Board Member) Lucien Tissot (Director) Yves Mathys (Board Member, Director) Timothée Malachard (Managing Director) Marie-France Aubry-Baume (Director)

When did Richard Mille RM 011 collection come out?

The RM 011 collection is arguably Richard Mille’s most popular, most iconic, most sought after collection. After it hit the market in 2007, Richard Mille blew up. The RM 011 didn’t just put the ultra-high-end sports watch brand on the map, it took it over.

Where can I buy the Richard Mille Black Phantom?

Presenting a very special and super dope Richard Mille watch, the limited edition RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph “Black Phantom”, which is now for sale at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. What Richard Mille has achieved in the watch game is unprecedented, even among the greats of haute horology.

Can you wear a Richard Mille Tourbillon on your wrist?

These aren’t watches designed for more than a handful of loyal RM enthusiasts, and while the insane price and the relative value of a tourbillon are easy to criticize (very easy), I implore all of you to endeavor to try a Richard Mille on your wrist at some point in your life.