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Are Scout Boats good quality?

Are Scout Boats good quality?

Scout produces the most innovative, best looking, highest performing and most fuel efficient models in its class. Scout is one of the most respected boat builders in the marine industry, not only due to their cutting edge innovations, but also by the way they run their company and treat their employees.

Is scout a high end boat?

Scout’s 320 LXF is a blend of high-performance fishing boat and high-end cruiser. Our respondents like the way Scout boats are designed and built, how they run, and how they fish. Sleek and fast, this stepped-hull model handles inshore and nearshore duties with ease.

Who is the owner of Scout Boats?

president Steve Potts
Scout’s owner, founder and president Steve Potts, has been working in the boat-building industry since he was 14. Working in various jobs, from a ground-level employee as a teenager to a plant manager for American Sail, he always knew that one day he would go off and do his own thing.

Where is Scout boats located?

Summerville, SC – Construction has been underway at Scout’s South Carolina-based headquarters. A new 24,000 square foot plant addition, including a 1,100 square foot paint booth have been built to expand the manufacturing facility.

Do scout boats hold value?

As far as the price and what you get, the scout will not hold resale as well, basis for the newer boat being in the same price range, this does not mean scout is a bad boat, but when you factor in customer service, longevity, and brand name, there are a handful of brands that top scout.

Are Scout Boats unsinkable?

Scout uses 20% more foam than the Coast Guard requires, making Scout boats – Unsinkable. That means you and your family can enjoy your day on the water without worry.

How many boats does Scout make a year?

Q: How many boats are you building a year and will that also change? A: Today we’re right at 850 a year.

Does Scout make a bay boat?

At Scout Boats, we design and manufacture world class luxury models from 17′ to 53′, each packed with timeless innovations, technology and trendsetting features. Dual console Dorados ideal for the family. Shallow drafting Bay Boats ready for backwater and inshore.

Is it worth it to buy a used boat?

Benefits Buying a Pre-Owned Boat With a used boat, you get more boat for fewer dollars, lower cost per year of ownership, and less on the line if you decide a different style or size boat would better serve you. Any initial bugs in boat or motor have likely surfaced and been dealt with.

Can you negotiate new boat prices?

Can you negotiate the price of a boat? Yes, of course you can. Boat sales are similar to car sales – just a different type of vehicle. Whether you are looking for a new boat or a used boat, always attempt to negotiate.

What is the smallest boat you can take on the ocean?

If you are still wondering how small a boat you can choose for an ocean crossing, the short, straight answer is: 27 feet.