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Are Shinola watches good?

Are Shinola watches good?

The Shinola watch delivers great value in a number of ways. Although not the same bracket as Rolex for investment purposes, it holds its own in terms of desirability. Its superb vintage design, all American back story, and its ability to create great marketing campaigns will ensure its value lasts into the future.

Is Shinola a luxury watch?

There are many in the luxury industry that would argue heartedly that Shinola may be many things, but it isn’t a luxury brand. Superior performance – A luxury brand connects with their customers by being at the top of its class, the best in its field.

Is Shinola black owned?

Founded in 2011, Shinola takes its name from the defunct Shinola shoe polish company. The company was founded by Tom Kartsotis and is owned and operated by Texas-based investment group Bedrock Brands….Shinola (retail company)

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Are Shinola watches made in the USA?

Online ads with the “Shinola Detroit” tag reinforce the implied message that Shinola watches are made in the USA, even as the company now acknowledges on its website that “[e]very Shinola watch is built in Detroit with Swiss and other imported parts.”

Are Shinola watches bad?

Shinola does not make bad watches, but where the brand seems to come up short in the eyes of serious collectors is in regards to liquidity and value for money. Above a certain price point, buyers want something more for their money than just a good-looking watch.

How long do Shinola watches last?

The Shinola Guarantees – Terms & Conditions Shinola metal quartz and automatic watches are guaranteed for life, and the company’s TR90 resin watches are guaranteed for 3 years under the terms and conditions of our warranties.

How much do Shinola watches cost?

With prices starting around a few hundred dollars, and topping out around $1,500, Shinola watches are relatively affordable; however the resale market on them is far more like an offering from a fashion watch brand than a proper luxury timepiece manufacturer.

Is Shinola owned by Fossil?

The company was launched in 2011 by Tom Kartosis of Bedrock Brands (who also co-founded Fossil) and it makes watches, bikes and fine leather goods. The company bought the name, Shinola, from an early 1900s shoe polish brand, according to “Business Insider.”

Does Shinola ever go on sale?

Shinola’s made-in-Detroit watches don’t go on sale all that often, and right now, there are a whole bunch of very handsome specimens for both men and women, up to 60 percent off at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Are Shinola watches Swiss made?

At Shinola, all our watches are made in Detroit with Swiss and other high-quality imported parts.

Is Shinola owned by fossil?