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Are Sunpro gauges any good?

Are Sunpro gauges any good?

The quality is spectacular, incredibly heavy duty feeling, it looks exactly like the picture. After several years of purchasing and installing this, it has held up well. There hasn’t been any fading, all gauges still look and run like new.

Where are Sunpro gauges made?

Also the gauges are made at the Faria plant down the road from me in Uncasville ,CT.

Who makes Sunpro gauges?

Snap-on Corporation
Sunpro is a registered trademark of Snap-on Corporation used under license of SPX Corporation. For more than 60 years, Sunpro has meant performance with such classic products as the Sun Super Tach II, inspired by the company’s rich motorsports heritage.

Are autometer gauges any good?

Autometer gauges are decent for the money. I had the apexi el gauges in my last car and on my evo i went with autometer and like it has been said it matches the factory gauges and works perfectly. I see no need to spend a bunch of money on gauges that dont even look the same as the factory ones.

Did Bosch buy Sunpro?

That is quite an impressive history and the formidable company BOSCH thought so too because in 2012 they purchased SUNPRO and now SUNPRO is part of the BOSCH family but that has not altered their dedication to product satisfaction and innovation.

Are AutoMeter gauges Made in USA?

Since 1979, AutoMeter’s production facility has been a fixture in the heart of downtown Sycamore, Illinois. In fact, AutoMeter is the only ISO/TS certified manufacturer of the micro air core that drives gauges anywhere in the US.

How do you install a Sunpro voltmeter gauge?

How to Hook Up Sunpro Volt Gauges

  1. Crimp a closed-eye connector to both ends of an 18-gauge insulated copper wire with wire crimpers.
  2. Attach one end of the wire to a clean ground source, such as a metal panel.
  3. Attach the remaining end of the ground wire to the negative terminal on the back of the voltmeter.

Are GlowShift gauges accurate?

No Glowshift gauges are NOT as accurate as real gauges. They are not horrible but they aren’t great either.

Where are AutoMeter gauges manufactured?

Since 1979, AutoMeter’s production facility has been a fixture in the heart of downtown Sycamore, Illinois. With nearly 100,000 sq. ft. of production, engineering and warehouse space, our state-of-the-art facility allows AutoMeter to build some of the most sophisticated products in the automotive aftermarket.

Where is Autogage made?

Autogauge Car, Truck and Marine Gauge|made in Taiwan.

How do you attach an alternator gauge?

How to Wire an Alternator Gauge

  1. Locate a spot on the dash to mount the voltmeter bracket.
  2. Screw the voltmeter bracket into the dash using the drill and self-tapping screws.
  3. Strip 1/4-inch of wire off the end of the black wire using the wire strippers.