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Are there any services on M5?

Are there any services on M5?

There are 11 services on the M5 which are listed on this site, details of which are below….Services on the M5.

Services Gloucester
Location M5 between J11A and J12
Operator Westmorland
Rating 4 star
Official & Signposted? Yes (as Farm Shop and Kitchen)

What are the best services on the M5?

The best and worst service stations on M5 according to you

  • Gloucester. The exterior of Gloucester Services.
  • Michaelwood. Michaelwood Services on the M5 near Falfield.
  • Sedgemoor Services (South) Rating: Four stars.
  • Tiverton. Tiverton services (Image: Google)
  • Bridgwater.
  • Cullompton.
  • Exeter.
  • Frankley.

What’s the last service station on the M5?

The last services available on the M5, Exeter services are run by moto-way and offer a Travelodge for overnight accommodation and ecotricity to charge your car.

Can you access Gloucester Services Southbound?

We have one Changing Places facility at Southbound. Access is controlled by radar key to keep it clean and available for those who need it. Please speak to a member of our team if you have any problems accessing our facilities. You can also find a disabled-access toilet and shower in each of our Filling Stations.

Which way is southbound on the M5?

Roads in the United Kingdom The M5 is a motorway in England linking the Midlands with the South West. It runs from junction 8 of the M6 at West Bromwich near Birmingham to Exeter in Devon. Heading south-west, the M5 runs east of West Bromwich and west of Birmingham through Sandwell Valley.

How do I find motorway services on Google Maps?

At a click of the magnifying glass button at the top of the screen, they can choose to see the locations of petrol stations, motorway services and restaurants on their route. In navigation mode (left), users can click the magnifying glass and pick a place they want to stop (middle).

What is the busiest service station in the UK?

In fact as part of their justification for building Colne Valley services, in June 2021 Welcome Break (who provide some facilities at Cobham) stated unequivocally that Cobham is the UK’s busiest service area.

Can you access Tebay Services northbound?

Tebay Services Southbound. Tebay West Services opened in 1972 and serves the northbound carriageway.

How many miles long is the M5?

262.2 km

Can you access Tebay Services southbound?

We’re conveniently located, just off the M6 motorway a few minutes north from Junction 38 at Tebay Services, accessible both north and southbound. If you are travelling southbound on the M6, leave the motorway at Tebay Services southbound between J39 & J38.

Why is Gloucester closed?

The news comes after the services, which is located between Junction 11a and 12 on the M5, was shut for three months due to the pandemic which the services bosses said had a “huge impact” on the business.

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