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Are there any warning signs of heart disease?

Are there any warning signs of heart disease?

Warning signs and symptoms of heart disease. Certain symptoms, such as chest pain, ankle swelling, and shortness of breath may be signals that something is wrong. Learning the warning signs can help you get treatment and help prevent a heart attack or stroke.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Symptoms can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach.

Are there any symbols associated with the occult?

Symbols commonly associated with occult beliefs, particularly Western occult beliefs. Occult principles are almost by definition impossible to directly explain with words. As such, occultists regularly employ graphic symbols as well as allegory to communicate beliefs to others.

What are the signs that Your Heart is failing?

There are many different types of arrhythmias, some which indicate your heart is failing. They include: Atrial fibrillation: The heartbeat is a lot faster than normal, sometimes up to four times faster and pumping 300 times a minute.

What are the signs and symptoms of heart failure?

Heart failure signs and symptoms may include: Shortness of breath (dyspnea) when you exert yourself or when you lie down. Fatigue and weakness. Swelling (edema) in your legs, ankles and feet. Rapid or irregular heartbeat. Reduced ability to exercise.

How can you tell if someone has been roofied?

There are symptoms and signs that you can look for to know if you have been “roofied.” Roofie symptoms can be hard to spot especially if you have drank enough to be drunk in the first place. It is not usual for someone that has been “roofied” not to even realize that something is very wrong.

How can you tell if you are having a heart attack?

1. Chest Discomfort. It’s the most common sign of heart danger. If you have a blocked artery or are having a heart attack, you may feel pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest. “Everyone has a different word for that feeling,” Chambers says. “Some people say it’s like an elephant is sitting on them.