Are Victor Webster and Shantel VanSanten still together?

Are Victor Webster and Shantel VanSanten still together?

Shantel VanSanten has found her happily ever after. The actress, 35, got engaged to boyfriend Victor Webster on Feb. 9. The pair dated for four years after first meeting on the set of a Hallmark movie, Love Blossoms, in 2017.

What is Victor Webster nationality?

Victor Webster/Nationality

Who is Victor Webster’s father?

John Webster
Victor Webster/Fathers

How old is Victor Webster?

48 years (February 7, 1973)
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Is Victor Webster married yet?

Who is Victor Webster married to? It is interesting to note that the tall actor has no wife and has never been married. At 47 years old, he is still a bachelor.

Who is Victor Webster dating now?

Shantel VanSanten
Victor Webster/Partner

Is Victor Webster still making Hallmark movies?

Here’s a complete list of Victor Webster Hallmark movies! He has been in a total of twelve movies since 2012….QC Disapproved.

TV Movie Ratings
45-49.5 Good enough to at least watch once
Below 45 Pass on it

Is Victor Weber married?

Is Victor Webster getting married?

Actors Victor Webster (Hearts Of Winter) and Shantel VanSanten (Shooter) met on the set of a romance, and are now engaged.

Is Shantel VanSanten married?

Victor Webster
Shantel VanSanten/Partner
Personal life. On February 9, 2021, VanSanten became engaged to actor Victor Webster after meeting on the set of Love Blossoms in 2016.

Is Jill Wagner married?

David Lemanowiczm. 2017
Jill Wagner/Spouse

Who is Victor Weber married to?

What movies did Victor Webster play in?

Victor Webster (born February 7, 1973) is a Canadian actor. He is known for being the second actor to play Nicholas Alamain on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives from 1999-2000, the mutant Brennan Mulwray in Mutant X, Coop the cupid on Charmed and detective Carlos Fonnegra in Continuum.

Who is Victor Webster dating?

Victor Webster has been in relationships with Katrina Darrell (2009) and Krista Allen (1999 – 2000). Victor Webster has had encounters with Katie Cleary (2005) and Monica Hansen . Victor Webster is rumoured to have hooked up with Serinda Swan (2008).

How tall is Victor Webster?

Victor Webster’s height is 6 feet and 4 inches. That’s 76 inches tall. Or in metric units, Victor Webster is 194 centimetres.

Is actor Victor Webster married?

The Canadian actor has made great efforts to keep his private life away from media and gossip outlets but currently, he is not married and has no wife or children. in 1999, Victor Webster was in a relationship with Krista Allen .