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Can Gardasil be given with other vaccines?

Can Gardasil be given with other vaccines?

Can HPV vaccine be administered at the same time as other vaccines? Yes, administration of a different inactivated or live vaccine, either at the same visit or at any time before or after HPV vaccine, is acceptable because HPV is not a live vaccine.

What is the dosing schedule for Gardasil?

A 2-dose schedule is recommended for people who get the first dose before their 15th birthday. In a 2-dose series, the second dose should be given 6–12 months after the first dose (0, 6–12 month schedule). The minimum interval is 5 months between the first and second dose.

What is the recommended schedule for the administration of the HPV vaccination?

Dosage and Schedule HPV vaccines are administered as a two-dose series (0, 6-12 months) for most persons who initiate vaccination at ages 9 through 14 years, and a three-dose series (0, 1-2, 6 months) for persons who initiate at ages 15 through 45 years, and for immunocompromised persons.

Is HPV 2 or 3 doses?

For persons initiating vaccination on or after their 15th birthday, the recommended immunization schedule is 3 doses of HPV vaccine. The second dose should be administered 1–2 months after the first dose, and the third dose should be administered 6 months after the first dose (0, 1–2, 6 month schedule)§§ (Table).

Why is Gardasil no longer available?

Now that Gardasil-4 is no longer available for use in the United States since the last doses expired on May 1, 2017, the Gardasil-4 VIS has been removed from website. Providers should use the Gardasil-9 VIS when administering HPV vaccine.

What if I only got two HPV shots?

So what should people do if they start the series, but miss a dose? Experts recommend that those who have received one or two shots pick up where they left off, even if more time has elapsed than is recommended between shots.

What happens if you only get one Gardasil shot?

The researchers confirmed that HPV infections were “significantly less prevalent” among those exposed to at least one vaccine dose. But there was also “no significant difference” in HPV infection risk between those who had taken one, two or three doses.

What happens if I only get one HPV shot?

Can you get HPV vaccine at 35?

In October 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration announced it had expanded the approved age for the HPV vaccine up to age 45 for women and men. In June 2019, a key advisory committee for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended the vaccine for all men and women up to age 26.

Is Gardasil effective after 2 shots?

Studies observed comparable antibody avidity between 2- and 3-dose schedules even at 48 months after vaccination. Such evidences substantiate the fact that 2 doses of the HPV vaccine may be adequate in providing long lasting protection against disease from immune-biological point of view.