Can GIST be completely cured?

Can GIST be completely cured?

GIST has become a treatable disease, thanks to advances in research and treatment over the last 15 years.

Can Gleevec cure GIST?

Currently, three drugs are commonly used in adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy to treat GIST. Gleevec (imatinib) is the ‘first-line’ therapy for the treatment of GIST. It can be used to shrink a tumor prior to surgery, and also after surgery to prevent or delay a recurrence in cases of high-risk GIST.

Can GIST tumors disappear?

Rarely, imatinib may cause a small tumor to disappear completely. Imatinib has dramatically affected the outcome of patients with metastatic GIST. As stated above, the 2 year survival in metastatic GIST from the time of imatinib therapy is about 80%.

How long can you stay on Gleevec?

Life Expectancy Improves. CML patients taking Gleevec (imatinib) were followed for up to eight years. In order to be enrolled in the study, patients needed to be incomplete remission after two years of starting the drug, and the study confirmed that they could expect to live as long as people without cancer.

Can you drink alcohol on Gleevec?

Avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice for the duration of your treatment, as these may interact with imatinib. The drinking of alcohol (in small amounts) does not appear to affect the safety or usefulness of imatinib. Imatinib may affect fertility in men.

Is a GIST always cancerous?

A GIST (pronounced “jist”) is an uncommon type of cancer that starts in the digestive tract, also known as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This is the path inside our body that food passes through.

Do GIST tumors metastasize?

The areas where metastatic GIST tumors may have spread include the: Liver – The liver is the most common location where GIST tumors spread. Peritoneum – The peritoneum is the membrane lining the abdomen and is another common area where GIST tumors may metastasize.