Can I play Blu Ray discs on my Mac?

Can I play Blu Ray discs on my Mac?

To play Blu-ray movies on your Mac, you’ll first need a drive that can read the discs. It even lets you play Blu-ray ISO files directly, so the player itself is optional. With Mac Blu-ray Player installed, just insert a Blu-ray disc or click Open File in the app and browse to your ISO file to get started.

Does Apple make an external Blu-ray drive?

For around the same price as the Apple SuperDrive Topelek offers an external Blu-ray player. It’s happy to play or burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, all powered from a USB 3.0 cable. As with most other drives on this list you’ll need a USB-C dongle or hub to get it working with modern Apple laptops.

Can I use any external DVD drive for Mac?

If your Mac doesn’t have a built-in optical drive, you can use another computer’s DVD or CD drive, or use an external optical drive, such as the Apple USB SuperDrive.

Can Mac mini play Blu-ray?

Since the Mac mini doesn’t have any type of internal disc reader or burner, an external drive will be in order. The Mac mini Blu-ray drives offered here work well with the Mac mini and any type of Apple computer, including the MacBook and iMac.

Can you connect a Blu-Ray player to a MacBook Pro?

Your MacBook Pro has an HDMI OUTPUT port. It does not accept HDMI input. You can connect a USB or FireWire Blu-Ray drive to your Mac if you ilke.

Does VLC play Blu-ray on Mac?

VLC is a powerful cross-platform multimedia player having released itself in 2001. It has matured into a multifaceted media utility that supports playing Blu-ray discs on the Macs and PCs, and possess the capability of reading a multitude of video formats – including 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, OGM.

Can you connect a Blu-ray player to a MacBook Pro?

What is the best Blu-ray player for Mac?

Here are the best mac Blu-ray drives you can buy.

  • Windows and Mac compatible: ASUS BW-16D1X-U.
  • Budget option: SEA TECH Blu-ray drive.
  • A lot to offer: Pioneer BDR-XD07UHD Portable 6X Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray Burner.
  • M-Disc compatible: Verbatim external Slimline Blu-ray writer.

How do I connect an external DVD player to my Mac?

Use an External Optical Drive Once you’ve attached your external drive to your Mac, you can use it in exactly the same way as a built-in optical drive: simply insert the DVD or CD into the SuperDrive, and the relevant media-playing app should launch automatically.

How do I watch 4K UHD Blu-Ray on Mac?

Go to File->Open on the menu to open the 4K video you want to watch, and then the software will load and play the movie successfully. NOTE If the playback is unsuccessful, here are some tips for you. The Mac Blu-ray Player Pro can only play 4K videos but not 4K UHD Blu-ray discs.

How do I play Blu-Ray on VLC?

Step 7: Run VLC and click on Media and then click on Open Media option. Click on “Disk” and check the “Blu-ray” option in the popup, then click on the Play button. Now your Blu-ray movie will start playing in VLC.