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Can I run 35s on a Dana 35?

Can I run 35s on a Dana 35?

Registered. Had 35s on my stock dana 30/35 for about 8 months and wheeled it pretty hard and had no problems.

Can you run 35s on a Dana 30?

Yes. A Dana30 with 30-spline shafts will be fine for 35″ tires.

How big of a tire can a Dana 35 handle?

Registered. Realistically, 31’s are the biggest tire that should be on that axle. Yes, others have 32’s or 33’s on it without issue, but those who do wheel with that size tire often don’t let the tires spin at all. When they slip then suddenly gain traction is when you can snap a shaft.

Can you make a Dana 35 strong?

Make no mistake, a built Dana 35 is a strong and capable axle. Obviously not as strong as a build Dana 44 (or similar), but if you’re not going to be running anything larger than 33″ tires, a built Dana 35 should suit you just fine.

What is a Super 35 kit?

The Super 35 kit is available for both C-clip and non-C-clip axles. The kit replaces the smallish shafts with 1.31-inch 30-spline pieces that are over 35 percent stronger than stock. These are the same size as the shafts found in many Dana 44s and even some Dana 60s!

Can a Dana 30 handle a locker?

The stock Dana 30 and Dana 44 are still fine with 33’s and lockers so long as you’re not hammering them with heavy throttle and driving stupid. It’s when you get to 35’s when it becomes time to invest in alloy shafts if you’re doing tough trails.

Can a Dana 35 handle 37s?

Registered. You can put 37’s on with stock axles unlocked…. Just dont expect it to last more then a week to a month.

What vehicles have a Dana 35?

The Dana 35 (as well as the AMC-15) is found in a wide variety of vehicles. The most common Dana 35 applications are as a rear axle in the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Comanche and as a front axle in the Ford Explorer and Ford Ranger.

How much HP can a Dana 30 handle?

Amongst other things. To answer your question the stock supports 250 or 300 if you don’t savage it. Run that rear until it blows, then stick an 8.8 in there.