Can I upgrade my Audi MMI system?

Can I upgrade my Audi MMI system?

Can I upgrade my Audi MMI system? Yes! You can upgrade your Audi MMI system. It has to be separated in two operations, because Audi MMI firmware update and Audi MMI maps update – they are two different things.

How do I find my Audi MMI software version?

The easiest way is to check the software version that is loaded in the system. To do this, enter the car menu by pressing the CAR button, then press SETUP or MENU, then select the “Version” submenu and read the value from the line marked with the letters “SW“.

Why is My Audi MMI not working?

If your MMI doesn’t start up at all, then it’s probably not receiving power. The fuses that control many of the MMI modules are located in a compartment in the left side of your trunk. Pry open the side panel in the trunk and inspect the fuses.

Can I add CarPlay to my Audi?

Can I add Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to my Audi? Yes! You can add it by installing special module or in newest cars can be enabled via special coding / system patching.

How do I update myAudi MMI SD card?

What can I do? If there is no update online for your Audi, you can use an SD card to update your navigation. The map update service and www.audi.com/myaudi allow you to download new maps to a 32 GB SD card. Then insert the SD card into the card slot of the MMI and follow the menu under SETUP MMI.

Can I add CarPlay to myAudi?

What does MMI stand for in Audi?

Multi Media Interface
An overview of Audi MMI® The Audi MMI® (Multi Media Interface) system was created to streamline the controls for audio, vehicle settings, and available navigation under a common interface, thereby reducing the number of buttons for a cleaner interior appearance.

What kind of MMI does my Audi have?

PRESS and HOLD the following BUTTONS at the same time to obtain your Audi MMI software version


What is the Audi MMI connect App?

The Audi MMI Connect app is a simple, intuitive way to control the functions of Audi Connect from your smartphone. You can find it on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android phones.