Can I work in Ukraine with student visa?

Can I work in Ukraine with student visa?

Can I work during my study? No, unfortunately it is illegal for international students in Ukraine to work while studying.

Can students get job in Ukraine?

Expert’s answer: University students in Ukraine can work like any other people, of course, if it doesn’t interfere with their studies. As a foreign student you will have a temporary residence permit. It will allow you to get a work permit, which is required to work legally in Ukraine.

How can I get work permit in Ukraine?

The following documents need to be submitted when applying for a work permit:

  1. an application;
  2. a notarized copy of a foreign national’s passport with a translation into Ukrainian;
  3. one colour photo;
  4. a copy of a draft employment agreement (contract) with a foreigner certified by an employer.

How much bank balance is required for Ukraine student visa?

Student’s bank statement having a minimum of Rs. 4 lakhs balance. Any other affidavits if necessary.

How can I get PR in Ukraine after study?

To obtain a permanent residence permits from an alien, you must:

  1. Legal residence on the territory of Ukraine (must remain at least 15 working days before the end of the period of stay);
  2. Passport and its translation into Ukrainian, certified in the prescribed manner;

Can Ukraine students get PR?

A very popular practice is getting student’s resident permit first and then marrying in Ukraine. This option allows staying in Ukraine almost indefinitely.

Is Ukraine visa easy to get?

The Ukraine visa form is straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete. It is necessary to have a passport from one of the eligible countries, a credit or debit card to pay for the Ukrainian visa fee, and an email address to receive the electronic visa.

How can I get Ukrainian student visa?

Ukraine Student Visa “Application Basic Requirements”:

  1. Visa Application form – in Embassy.
  2. Original valid passport.
  3. 3 photographs (3x4cm)
  4. Original invitation letter sent to you by express post.
  5. Medical health certificate*
  6. HIV/AIDS Results*
  7. Certificate of Completed Higher and/or Secondary Education*

How much it cost to study in Ukraine?

Courses And Tuition Fees Range Tuition fees in Ukraine universities range anywhere from $1200 to $5000, depending on the program of study. Most preparatory programs tuition are typically less than $2000, and could be as low as $1000 in some universities.

What are the requirements for a work permit in Ukraine?

Both employees and employers have certain requirements for Ukraine work visas and permits. Employers must pay foreign employees at least 47,230 UAH per month as of January 2020 unless they’re in a “special category.”

What are the requirements for an international student visa in Ukraine?

International students need to have medical coverage for the entire duration of their stay in Ukraine. This medical coverage has to be through an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company with a representative in Ukraine. The minimum coverage of the medical policy should be € 30,000.

How many working hours are students allowed to have in Ukraine?

But, at the same time, in Kyiv, there are much more prospects for work, leisure, dating, etc. Sarah asks: How many working hours is a student allowed to have? University students in Ukraine can work like any other people, of course, if it doesn’t interfere with their studies. The working time of employees can’t exceed 40 hours per week.

How long does a visa for Ukraine last?

The Type D visa is valid for 90 days but the student can apply for a temporary residence permit after arrival in Ukraine, which is valid for the entire duration of the course. Who Needs to Apply for the Ukraine Student Visa?