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Can we cancel ticket in Suvidha Express?

Can we cancel ticket in Suvidha Express?

If you wish to cancel tickets for Suvidha trains it should be done minimum 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train or before the chart is prepared, whichever happens earlier. On cancelling the ticket, flat 50% of the booking amount would be refunded.

Does cancellation of railway ticket get refunded?

If the train is marked as “CANCELLED” in Passenger Reservation System (PRS) due to breaches, floods, accidents etc., full refund is permissible in case the ticket is cancelled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train. In case of e-tickets, such cancellation can be done by the customer through Internet.

Why is JP Suvidha express so expensive?

The tickets for Suvidha trains can be more expensive due to dynamic pricing instead of standard fares that IRCTC offers. Dynamic pricing is similar to airline ticket pricing where the cost of travel changes according to the demand. The maximum advance reservation period for Suvidha trains is 120 days.

What is special in Suvidha Express?

Suvidha trains were introduced by the Railway Ministry in 2015 to replace the premium trains and provide confirmed tickets to commuters. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) Suvidha trains run on routes which have high demand and consumers are open to pay extra amount for a confirmed ticket.

What is dynamic fare in Suvidha train?

Dynamic fare pricing will be followed in this type of train with fare being increased for subsequent bookings. Only a 15-day Advance reservation period will be permitted for this train with no agent booking allowed. There will be no waitlisted ticket issued & no modification of ticket or upgradation is permitted.

How much money will refund on cancellation of train ticket?

If a confirmed ticket is cancelled more than 48 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train, flat cancellation charges shall be deducted @ Rs.240/- for AC First Class/Executive Class, Rs

How can I get refund on Cancelled railway ticket?

The application for the claiming refund of balance amount of cancellation charge should be addressed to the offices of chief claim officers (CCO) or chief commercial manager/ refund (CCM-Refund) of concerned zonal railway head quarters through post in the prescribed format within 6 months of scheduled date of journey.

Is food provided in Suvidha Express?

Some popular routes for Suvidha Express are: JP Suvidha Express(82653) , JP YPR Suvidha(82654) , PNBE Suvidha Express(82356). No, Suvidha Express does not provide free food.

What is meant by Suvidha train?

Can we cancel train tickets booked online?

E-ticket cancellation is not allowed at face-to-face railway counters. The cancellation can only be done online. If an e-ticket is cancelled within 48 hours and up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train , the Indian Railways deducts 25% of the base fare + GST applicable for all AC classes.

Can I cancel my train ticket during lockdown?

Indian Railways train cancelled Soon after the lockdown was announced in March and regular train services were suspended due to the pandemic, the time limit for ticket cancellation was extended from three days to three months and in May it was extended to six months.

How much refund can I get for train ticket in Suvidha?

50% Refund of fare subject to minimum flat cancellation charge of Rs. 200/- for AC-II tier/first class, Rs. 180/- for AC-III tier/3 Economy/ air conditioned chair car and Rs. 120/- for sleeper class will be granted for confirmed/RAC tickets upto 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train or preparation of the chart whichever is earlier.

When was the Suvidha Express introduced in India?

Suvidha Express which is also known as Premium Express was introduced by the Indian Railways in 2014. The aim behind the introduction of this train at the time was to cater to the increase in the demand of train tickets.

How is dynamic fare charged on Suvidha train?

Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm as well as RAC passengers. The Waitlisted Ticket will be charged at the value of the last ticket booked for that class. Apart from e-ticketing, SUVIDHA trains tickets shall also be booked through PRS counters. Modification/duplicate ticket/cluster bookings/BPT will not be allowed.

Are there any unidirectional trains in Suvidha Express?

The unidirectional Suvidha Trains are also permitted and for return direction option will be available for return of the rake with running of special trains on Tatkal fare or to utilise the rake for any other destination for running of Suvidha Express. Running of Premium Trains stopped with introduction of Suvdiha Trains.