Can you be a cop in Saints Row 3?

Can you be a cop in Saints Row 3?

In both Saints Row; The Third and Saints Row IV, Steelport Police and SWAT Saints are Gang Customization options under the “Cops” (Cops 1 is the standard Patrol officer and Cops 2 is SWAT). The Steelport Police do not play a major role in the events of Saints Row: The Third.

How do you get the SWAT outfit in Saints Row: The Third?

In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV SWAT uniforms are available for regular gang members via Gang Customization. They are Option 2 under the Cops style, which is unlocked after completing all the Kinzie’s Snatch activities. Their appearance is identical to the SWAT Team homies.

Where is the police station in Saints Row: The Third?

Overview. The Stilwater Police Department Headquarters is located in the Harrowgate neighborhood of the Saint’s Row District.

How do you unlock the secret mission in Saints Row 2?

To unlock the mission, first head to the Police Headquarters and listen to the three wiretap conversations located in the Stilwater Detective Bureau on the third floor. Then, go into Troy Bradshaw’s office nearby and grab the file on Julius, which unlocks Dex’s phone number on the Cellphone.

How do you get SWAT homies?

The SWAT-Homies are available in SR3 after you complete the mission “Zombie Attack”. 2 of four are equipped with a Riot Shield along with KA-1 Kobra.

Can you be a cop in Saints Row 2?

There are currently two methods to receive a cop uniform in Saints Row 2, via the Ultor Exposed DLC and a FUZZ glitch. In Saints Row: The Third, they wear the exact same uniform as the Steelport Police.

Where is let’s pretend in Saints Row 2?

Rounds Square Shopping Center
In Saints Row 2, there is a single Let’s Pretend store located in the Rounds Square Shopping Center under the Nob Hill Neighborhood in the High End Retail District. It is located between two levels.

What is the helicopter called in Saints Row 2?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Tornado logo.png
The Tornado in Saints Row 2 The Tornado in Saints Row 2
Also known as Attack Helicopter
Class Heli

What did Dex do to the Saints?

Dex doesn’t appear in Saints Row: The Third. In the unreleased spin-off Saints Row: Money Shot, he is assassinated by a female assassin working for Ultor named Cypher. Dex is featured in the Revenge Diversion in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell as a husk wearing Dex’s visor cap from Saints Row.