Can you find old GCSE results?

Can you find old GCSE results?

You cannot get a replacement certificate for an O level, CSE, GCSE or A level – your exam board will send you a ‘certified statement of results’ instead. Find out which exam board you should contact if your old exam board no longer exists.

Can I find out my GCSE results online?

Results will be available online from the official results day via your ResultsPlus Direct account (more information below). If you need a hardcopy of your Statement of Results you can ask for it to be sent by post or ready for collection in person but not earlier than the official results day.

When did GCSE results come out in 2015?

Dates and times for GCSE results day 2015 Results will be available on Thursday 20th August 2015. Students will be able to collect their results from their school or college in the morning.

Can employers check GCSE results from 10 years ago?

In short, the answer to this question is yes, employers can (and probably will) check your GCSE results, especially if they suspect that you have lied about them to apply for a position with them.

What date was GCSE results day 2016?

This year, GCSE results day falls on Thursday, August 25th.

What date do GCSE results come out 2021?

12 August 2021
GCSE pupils will receive their results on 12 August 2021, which is two days after A-level students. Grades are usually available from 8am. Results day is a little earlier than usual this year in order to give A-Level pupils more time to appeal their results ahead of university admissions.

How far back can GCSE results be checked?

In short, GCSEs are valid and held on record for life. Schools are required to keep GCSE certificates for at least 12 months after having received them from the exam boards – they may or may not decide to keep the results after this period is over.

Can you find someone’s GCSE results?

The only way that you will be able to come across this information is by contacting the school which you sat your GCSEs at. In order to get the information that you need, you should tell your school which year you left, as well as which subjects you took.

Do I need my GCSE certificates?

In short, yes, you will need your GCSE certificates after you leave school. Colleges and Sixth Forms use predicted grades for student’s applications and enrol students after GCSE results day, where they can bring a copy of their exam results to verify the grades rather than the specific exam certificates.

What are the results of the GCSE exams?

GCSE students have achieved a record-breaking set of results, with a surge in the number of top marks handed to them after exams were cancelled due to coronavirus. Just over a quarter of pupils (25.9%) were awarded grade 7 or higher, equivalent to an A or A* under the old system – up from 20.7% last summer.

What was the percentage of pass rates in GCSE?

Pass rates are also up across the board – with the amount of students getting grade 4 or above rising by 13% to 76% year-on-year. And the number of those achieving the highest available mark – a grade 9 – surged by 40%.

How are GCSE results going in Northern Ireland?

In Wales, the number of A and A* grades has risen to 25.9% – up from 18.4% – and the amount of people getting above a C rose to 74.5% from 62.8%. And in Northern Ireland, 37.1% of students got an A or A*, up by by 5.7% compared to last year, with the proportion of those given above a C standing at 89.4% – up 7.6%.

Why was there so much confusion over GCSE results?

The whole results system has been dogged by confusion given the four UK governments initially relied on an algorithm to moderate the marks handed out by teachers to try and stop massive grade inflation.