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Can you have a potbelly pig as a pet?

Can you have a potbelly pig as a pet?

Potbellied pigs can be charming, intelligent, and affectionate companions. But they’re not good pets for everyone. There’s no doubt that when given the proper care and training, a potbellied pig can make a much-loved addition to a home. Pigs are quite smart and curious, and it can be difficult to keep them entertained.

What is a healthy weight for a pot belly pig?

between 90-150 pounds
Potbellied pigs generally weigh somewhere between 90-150 pounds, but can be lighter or heavier, depending on genetics and diet.

How big do pet pot belly pigs get?

Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs typically weigh between 70-150 pounds but can be as heavy as 200 pounds with a height of 14-20 inches at the shoulders.

How much does a potbelly piglet cost?

In general, the cost of potbelly pig can range anywhere from $600-$800. The price usually includes vaccinations and a general health certificate and can even include spaying/neutering.

How much should a pot belly pig eat?

High quality, low protein, low fat, high fiber pot bellied pig pellets — roughly 1/2 cup per 25 lbs. daily (but most adult pigs eat about 2 cups a day)

Is my pig overweight?

If you’re not sure if your pig is overweight, there are a few ways to tell. If your pig’s belly drags on the ground, the tail is sunken deep into their rear, their face has large jowls, their eyes are covered by fat rolls, their ears are pushed forward and down by fat, the pig is obese.

At what age is a potbelly pig full grown?

about 5 years
Full grown potbellied pigs weigh an average of 70-150 lb. with some reaching 200 lb. or more; they average 3-ft. long and 15-inches tall. Full growth is not reached until about 5 years of age.

Is it expensive to own a pig?

Finished hanging weight was approximately 150 pounds per pig, which means about $2.50 per pound hanging weight. Local farms charge $4 per pound hanging weight, and then charge the buyer for slaughtering and butchering fees on top of that. The same pig, purchased from a local farm would have cost around $600.

How big does a miniature pot bellied pig get?

Miniature pot-bellied pigs (as designated by certain breeders) reach 35 to 60 pounds. and 15 to 16 inches tall. Teacup pot-bellied pigs are usually 35 to 45 pounds and 14 1/2 inches tall. Toy pot-bellied pigs reach 35 to 40 pounds and 14 inches tall. Royal Dandies grow to about 29 to 39 pounds and about 15 inches tall.

What kind of pig is a pot belly pig?

The most common type of mini pig is the Potbellied Pig (also called Vietnamese Potbellied Pig, Miniature Pot Belly Pig, or Chinese Potbellied Pig). The KuneKune is also a mini pig, but weighs in at around 400 pounds on average and looks more like their cousin the farm pig.

Can a full grown pot bellied pig be overweight?

Pigs are very easily overfed. Many full grown pot bellied pigs (of all sizes) are obese simply due to overeating. Although weight can vary from pig to pig, there are some key signs that your pig is overweight. For example, if a fat roll covers your pig’s eyes then he is overweight.

When to start feeding a pot bellied Piglet?

Diet of Pot Bellied Pigs. As a basic rule of thumb, piglets can be fed regular pot bellied pig chow starting at 3 weeks of age (but you shouldn’t be getting a piglet until they are at least 6 weeks of age). 2 cups of pig chow is a good starting point but you should be adjusting this amount if your pig is too fat or too thin.