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Can you shoot around corners?

Can you shoot around corners?

A gun that can fire shots accurately around corners has been demonstrated by a US arms maker. The Corner Shot, developed by a Florida-based company, resembles a rifle with hinge in its middle. It has been tested by the Israeli military and was demonstrated at a firing range at Shoham, near Tel Aviv, on Monday.

How does a Corner Shot work?

The Corner Shot chassis essentially turns the pistol into a shoulder-fired carbine, with a twist: at the press of a button, Corner Shot can instantaneously tilt left for right, allowing the shooter to remain behind cover while observing the camera feed.

Who created the Krummlauf?

One of the earliest examples of this sort of technology was the Krummlauf. Developed by Germany during the latter half of World War II after years of bitter house-to-house fighting, the Krummlauf was attached to the StG-44 assault rifle.

When was the Krummlauf made?

First developed in 1943, the Krummlauf is a curved device that could be clamped onto the barrel of a StG 44 (or Mp-44) rifle. The idea was to let soldiers shoot while safely in cover or while inside of tanks.

What is the fastest weapon today?

Short Bytes: The Metal Storm gun beats the Guinness World Records holder machine gun M134 Minigun by a great margin. Known as Metal Storm gun, this weapon system fires about 1 million rounds per minute.

Can a gun barrel be curved?

The Krummlauf (English: “curved barrel”) is a bent barrel attachment for the Sturmgewehr 44 rifle developed by Germany in World War II. The curved barrel included a periscope sighting device for shooting around corners from a safe position.

What was the periscope a British soldier developed on the gun?

The periscope rifle was invented in May 1915 by Lance Corporal William Beech, 2nd Battalion, a builder’s foreman: this device allowed a soldier standing in a trench to take accurate aim and fire without exposing himself to the enemy.

Is there a gun that shoots around corners?

This allows soldiers to literally shoot around corners in either direction. A flashlight and digital camera are mounted on the weapon in the position normally reserved for a bayonet. This allows soldiers to identify and target enemies around corners.

What was the purpose of the corner shot?

The Corner Shot has been developed for use by Special Forces and SWAT teams, and was originally designed to help with terrorist standoffs involving unarmed hostages. According to the Israeli company, the Central Command receives a live video feed of what is happening at the front line.

What is a corner shot in a Glock?

Corner Shot is essentially a hinged chassis, into which a pistol such as a Glock, Beretta 92, or other handgun is installed. A video camera is boresighted to the pistol, providing a live feed to the shooter, and a built-in tactical light provides illumination in dark spaces. There is a separate provision for installing a visible aiming laser.

Where did the cover shot gun come from?

Although the United States and Soviet Union scooped up a variety of German “wonder weapons” after the war, the Krummlauf wasn’t one of them, and the concept went away for the next fifty years. Ironically, the next iteration of the cover-shooting concept came from Israel.