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Can you swim in Lake opuha?

Can you swim in Lake opuha?

Lakes. If you’re heading up to the lakes, there is very good water quality at Lake Opuha – Recreation Reserve and Lake Tekapo Beach. All other sites are also recommended as suitable for swimming.

Where is lake Opuha?

Fairlie Basin
Lake Opuha is a 700 hectare man-made lake, built with the purpose of acting as an irrigation reservoir, which offers good fishing. The lake lies hidden away and sheltered within the Fairlie Basin, 12km from the township of Fairlie.

Who built Lake opuha?

South Canterbury
The Opuha Dam, which is situated at the confluence of the North and South Opuha Rivers 17 kms north-east of Fairlie, is an infrastructure project undertaken by the community of South Canterbury.

Can you take dogs to Lake opuha?

And dogs are allowed. Such a lovely, peaceful spot to stay. We had a view of the lake from each window.

Where can I swim in Canterbury?

Sites at Otaio River Gorge, Opihi River at Saleyards Bridge and Waipopo Huts, are all suitable for swimming. All other monitored river sites in South Canterbury are suitable for swimming except for the Black Hole on the Waihao River.

Can you swim in Rakaia river?

The Rakaia Gorge is a popular tourist attraction and commonly used by jet boaters and anglers. The Rakaia Gorge walkway also begins here. When swimming is aware of boat users and swift/rising water in this alpine river.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Roto Kohatu?

Swimming is permitted in marked areas only. Do not dive, or use powered watercraft. There are many underwater hazards from when the site was a landfill such as tree stumps, cars and concrete. Water quality is monitored over summer months.

Is it safe to swim in the Waimakariri?

In the Waimakariri District there have been no changes to the 2019 grades. Pegasus township, Pines Beach, Waikuku Beach and Woodend Beach sites are suitable for swimming, while the Ashley River/Rakahuri Estuary site recorded a ‘poor’ grade and is not suitable for swimming.

Is it safe to swim at Coes Ford?

Unsuitable for swimming – The monitoring result did not meet the national guidelines at the time of testing. For sites where potentially toxic algae is routinely monitored, the monitoring result exceeded the alert level criteria. Avoid contact with the water and with potentially toxic algae along the edge of the water.

Where can I swim in Christchurch?

Best Beaches In & Around Christchurch

  • Corsair Bay. A beautiful bay only a few minutes’ drive from Lyttelton is the perfect place for a relaxing family picnic.
  • Sumner & Scarborough.
  • Taylors Mistake.
  • New Brighton Beach.
  • Akaroa Banks Peninsula.
  • Waikuku Beach.
  • Woodend Beach.

Where is Lake Roto Kohatu?

Lake Rotokohatu is a man-made lake located in the Sawyers Arms Reserve near Harewood, Christchurch. This lake is primarily used for jet skiing.

Can you swim in Akaroa?

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey says water quality at Takamatua Bay and Akaroa main beach is not considered suitable for recreational use. “This includes swimming because of the risk to health from the bacteria and other pathogens,” says Dr Humphrey.