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Did Bayern Munich do the treble?

Did Bayern Munich do the treble?

Barcelona and Bayern Munich are the only European clubs to have won this treble twice….Men.

Club Bayern Munich
Country Germany
Number won 2
Season 2012–13, 2019–20
Titles won Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, UEFA Champions League

Did Bayern win treble 2020?

Bayern Munich wrapped up a historic treble by adding the UEFA Champions League trophy to their Bundesliga and DFB Cup crowns after Kingsley Coman gave the Germans a 1-0 victory over PSG in Lisbon on Sunday.

Did Liverpool ever win a treble?

In 2001, Houllier’s second full season in charge, Liverpool won a “treble”: the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup.

Did Liverpool win the treble 2020?

Having finished as runners-up on three previous occasions, Liverpool won their first FIFA Club World Cup after defeating Brazilian club Flamengo 1–0 in the final after extra-time, making them the first English side to win the international treble of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

Who is Bayern Munich’s biggest rival?

RB Leipzig
RB Leipzig replacing Borussia Dortmund as Bayern Munich’s biggest Bundesliga rivals.

Did Liverpool win treble?

Has Man City won the treble?

In 2019, they won four trophies, completing an unprecedented sweep of all domestic trophies in England and becoming the first English men’s team to win the domestic treble….Manchester City F.C.

Full name Manchester City Football Club
Founded 1880 as St. Mark’s (West Gorton) 1887 as Ardwick Association F.C. 16 April 1894 as Manchester City

What is the true treble?

What is a treble in football? At its most basic, a treble in football occurs when a team wins three trophies. However, in order to be considered a genuine treble, they must be the ‘right’ trophies. A domestic treble is usually made up of the league, main national cup and the secondary national cup.

What trophies did Liverpool win in 2020?