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Did Kotex stop making Sleek tampons?

Did Kotex stop making Sleek tampons?

Hi Jannett, Unfortunately, our U by Kotex® Sleek tampons have been discontinued – we’re sorry to disappoint. The good news is that our U by Kotex Click tampons should provide similar comfort and protection to what you expect from Sleek tampons.

Are Kotex tampons still recalled?

Recalled products were manufactured between October 7, 2016, and October 16, 2018, and distributed between October 17, 2016, and October 23, 2018. No other Kotex products are affected by this recall, the company said.

What’s wrong with U by Kotex tampons?

Kimberly-Clark has issued a voluntary recall of some U by Kotex tampons, after a “quality-related defect” caused the tampons to come apart inside of consumers’ bodies, leaving pieces behind after the tampon was removed. The recall affects only regular-absorbency U by Kotex Sleek tampons.

Why are Kotex tampons being recalled?

What is the reason for this Product Recall? Kimberly-Clark announced a voluntary product recall of its U by Kotex® Sleek® Tampons, Regular Absorbency sold throughout the United States and Canada for a quality-related defect that could impact the performance of this product.

What’s the best tampons for heavy periods?

These Are the Best Tampons for a Heavy Flow

  • Cora Organic Cotton Tampons, Super Plus (36 Count) ($16) Cora’s tampons are on our list of the best organic ones.
  • Playtex Sport Tampons, Super (18 Count) ($17)
  • O.B. Original Non-Applicator Tampons, Ultra Absorbancy (40 Count) ($6)

What brand of tampon is best for beginners?

6 best, easy-to-use tampons for beginners

  • Tampax Pearl Lites.
  • U by Kotex Sleek Regulars.
  • Playtex Gentle Glide 360°
  • Tampax Radiant Regular.
  • U by Kotex Fitness.
  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear.

Are Kotex tampons Safe 2020?

“Any consumer with the impacted U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, Regular Absorbency, in their possession should stop using the product immediately,” according to a statement released by the FDA.

What are the safest tampons to use?

These are the best organic tampons to shop:

  • Best Overall: Organyc 100% Certified Organic Tampons.
  • Best Eco-Friendly Applicator: Tampax Pure Organic Tampons.
  • Best Cardboard Applicator: Oi Certified Organic Tampons.
  • Best Applicator Free: Veeda Natural Cotton Applicator Free Tampons.

What does u stand for on tampons?

What Does the “R” on Tampons Mean?

Packaging Identification Absorbency Best for
R Regular Most days of regular period
S Super First 1-2 days of period
S+ Super Plus Heavier flow on first days of period, overnight*
U Ultra Rare usage; most women will not need this level of protection

Why is Kotex bad?

Kimberly-Clark, the company behind Kotex tampons and pads, just issued a major recall: It’s pulling U by Kotex Sleek Tampons off shelves after reports that the tampons can unravel inside your body. “In rare cases, a retained foreign body, such a pieces of tampon, can lead to toxic shock syndrome,” Dr. Gupta adds.

Is it normal to bleed through a super tampon in 2 hours?

If you have to change your pad or tampon every 1 to 2 hours because it’s soaked, or bleed longer than 7 days, see your healthcare provider. Spotting or bleeding between periods is also a sign of a problem. The symptoms of menorrhagia may look like other conditions or medical problems.

Can virgins wear tampons?

Any girl who has her period can use a tampon. Tampons work just as well for girls who are virgins as they do for girls who have had sex. And even though using a tampon can occasionally cause a girl’s hymen to stretch or tear, it does not cause a girl to lose her virginity. That way the tampon should slip in easier.