Did the Easybeats get ripped off by their manager?

Did the Easybeats get ripped off by their manager?

However, after being ripped off by an unscrupulous promoter at the end of their two-week Xmas residency in Mildura, S.A. they went back to Vaughan and accepted his offer. Although The Easybeats were critical of his management in later years, Mike Vaughan undeniably provided crucial breaks for the band.

Are any of the Easybeats still alive?

The Easybeats in 1966. Clockwise from left: Dick Diamonde, Harry Vanda, Snowy Fleet, George Young and Stevie Wright. They broke up in 1969 despite no official announcement; singer Stevie Wright died in 2015 and rhythm guitarist George Young (brother of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC) died in 2017.

Who did the song Friday on my mind?

The Easybeats
Friday on My Mind/Artists

Who was the Easybeats drummer?

Gordon Fleet1964 – 1986
Tony Cahill1967 – 1970
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Who is the most famous music manager?

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Who did the Easybeats marry?

He would never be seen on red carpets, at opening nights and very rarely at award ceremonies where he was being honoured. He was married to the same woman, Sandra, all his adult life. They produced one child, Yvette.

How old is Stevie Wright?

68 years (1947–2015)
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When was Friday on my mind?

Friday on My Mind/Released

Where did the Easybeats come from?

Sydney, Australia
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Who is the richest music manager?

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