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Do all 997 have bore scoring?

Do all 997 have bore scoring?

Bore scoring isn’t a problem for the direct fuel injection engines of the second generation Porsche 997 or for the first generation Turbos and GT models. With the first generation flat-six engines, it is most likely to occur on the 3.8 but is rare on the 3.6.

What causes bore scoring Porsche?

A lack of cylinder & piston lubrication is the major cause of wear or bore scoring. The minimum grade gasoline for all street production Porsches is 91 octane. A rich mixture can wash the oil off your cylinder walls, so by driving off immediately you will help burn more of the excess fuel.

What does bore scoring mean?

We believe scoring occurs when small (but larger than previously) particles of silicon break free from the surface of the cylinder bore and become trapped between the piston and the cylinder bore, rubbing up and down between them until they either escape from the top or bottom of the piston to be taken away with the …

Does the 997 Turbo have IMS issues?

Since it has also been verifiably documented that some IMS bearings have failed after just 3,000 miles, while others still have lasted for 200,000 miles or more, the only safe conclusion that can be drawn is that all M96 and some M97 engines in Porsche 911’s (996 or 997), and all Boxsters (986/987) from 1997 through …

Why is bore scoring bad?

As the cylinders lose ring seal, due to the bore scoring, harmful fuel contaminates the oil as it bypasses the piston rings. This fuel enters the engine oil, thus reducing oil viscosity as it intrudes into the oil. This will destroy bearings, chains, and other components including the remaining “good cylinders”.

What causes scoring on cylinder walls?

In general, scoring of the cylinder wall and piston skirt first presents itself as scuffing that then, over time, leads to scoring. There are a number of main reasons for this to occur which include: Poor fit of piston to bore. Poor oiling of the bore from a failed or stuck ring.

What is scoring in engine?

A scoring engine is an executable that has a well-defined input, a well-defined output, and performs a purely mathematical task. That is, the calculation does not depend on the environment in which it is running— it would produce the same result anywhere.

Is cylinder wall scoring bad?

If the cylinder walls are scored it will definitely effect the compression. If you haven’t already, do a compression test. If the rings are leaking it is allowing gasses from the combustion chamber (top side of the piston) into the crankcase. It is probably burning oil too.

Does honing a cylinder make it bigger?

The problem lies in the process of honing, where if a little does a good job, certainly a few more strokes to make it better looking can’t hurt anything. When I hone a block, each cylinder sees between 4 and 6 strokes, no less, no more. That will increase the bore size between .