Do all desktop computers use the same power cord?

Do all desktop computers use the same power cord?

Desktop computers (and many monitors) all use the same connector (IEC). Of course, different plugs are used in different countries, but electrically they are all the same. Most laptop power supplies use a figure 8 or a a “Mickey Mouse” connector at the power-supply end. Power cords for desktop computers are the same.

Does the PC power cord matter?

If you are referring to the 110 VAC power cord there is no problem as to which cord you use. However, the cables that connect from the PSU to the motherboard, devices, graphics card, etc. are not inter-changeable from one brand to another.

What is a computer power cord called?

IEC cord
A power cord with a country specific standard power plug attached on one end and a c13 power cord coupler to the other is generally called an IEC cord or computer power cord as it is majorly used in computer applications.

Is Compaq Presario a good computer?

The Compaq Presario CQ5320Y is about as average as you can get in a budget desktop computer. Save a little bit more and you’ll find desktops that provide a large jump in features and performance. If you’re limited to this price range, however, the Compaq Presario CQ5320Y is a decent all-around computer.

Are PC power supply cables universal?

There is no universal standard for modular PSU output cables.

Are IEC cables universal?

Because IEC cords are used in different countries with different standards, they do not have universal amperage ratings.

Is 16 AWG better than 18awg?

The 16 AWG wire can accommodate an appliance with a higher wattage (power) than an 18 AWG wire. 16AWG has less power loss, so is better for speaker wires or extension cords, unless the load is small and the wire needs to be hidden.

Can you mix and match power supply cables?

Do not use modular cables meant for one PSU in a different one. Modular cables have no standard, and thus are proprietary to each manufacturer. They even vary between models made by the same manufacturer in some cases. If you do, you risk short circuiting and damaging your components, and the PSU as well.

What is the difference between C13 and C15?

The C13 is the common “computer” power cable we all think of when we look at devices with built-in rectifiers. The C15 is the variation with a notch that fits into higher wattage power supplies.

What happened Compaq stock?

Compaq, however, has been growing its services business. Under the deal, one Compaq share will be exchanged for 0.6325 Hewlett-Packard share, providing a premium of around 18 percent. Compaq closed on Friday at $12.35, down 34 cents, while Hewlett-Packard shares fell 19 cents, to $23.21.

Where is Compaq now?


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Fate Acquired by Hewlett-Packard, brand name retired by HP in 2013