Do it or drink it ideas?

Do it or drink it ideas?

PG-Questions for Truth or Drink

  • What’s your most shallow reason for not going on a second date?
  • What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?
  • What’s your worst habit?
  • Name something illegal that you’ve done and regret.
  • Tell about the biggest ticket you’ve ever gotten.
  • How many people in the room would you be willing to kiss?

How can I make drinking fun at home?

7 ways to make drinking at home fun

  1. Practice making new drinks.
  2. Call your friends.
  3. Virtual drinking games.
  4. Drunk video games.
  5. Pick your own music (and choose wisely)
  6. Party with whoever you’re quarantined with.
  7. Relax – you’re home!

How do you play Uno drunk?

Drunk Uno: The Uno Drinking Card Game Rules

  1. Forget the rules or must ask a question = take 1 drink.
  2. If you lose a turn because of a skip or miss a turn = take 1 drink.
  3. + 2 Card = take 2 drinks.
  4. + 4 Card = take 4 drinks.
  5. Anytime you do not have a matching card = take 1 drink and pickup till you do.

What’s drunk uno?

Drunk Uno turns a classic card game into a great social drinking game that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone – just grab some drinks and a deck of uno cards.

Is drunk uno a real game?

You Can Get a Drunk Version of the UNO Game, and the Rules Will Have You Taking Shots. The game starts with everyone taking a shot, because you have to pregame the game, of course. When it’s your turn to draw a card, if you pick up a Draw 2, you take one shot, and if you pick up a Draw 4, you take two shots.

How can I dare my crush?

Dares for couples:

  1. Close your eyes, scroll through your contacts list, and text a random person “Look behind you.”
  2. Pretend you are a dog until your next turn.
  3. Sing the chorus of your favorite song.
  4. Let your partner give you a makeover.
  5. Put syrup/chocolate syrup/caramel/sugar on a pickle and eat it.