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Do trucking companies hire recruiters?

Do trucking companies hire recruiters?

As a result, many trucking companies are employing driver recruiters in order to get their trucks out on the road. If you are a new driver coming into the trucking industry, you’re more than likely going to have to deal with one of these recruiters.

How much do truck driver recruiters make?

Truck Driver Recruiter Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $82,500 $40
75th Percentile $52,000 $25
Average $48,928 $24
25th Percentile $38,000 $18

What does a trucking recruiter do?

The Driver Recruiter is responsible for identifying, sourcing and recruiting qualified Class A company drivers. You will be responsible for executing daily tasks including; recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and creating a positive business environment for long-term retention of company drivers.

What should I ask a truck driver recruiter?

Top 10 questions to ask a potential trucking employer

  • What is your home-time policy?
  • What are your major lanes?
  • What type of equipment will I have?
  • Do you provide layover pay?
  • Do you slip-seat?
  • How much do you pay?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Do you pay for lumpers?

Do trucking companies take truck homes?

Most OTR companies let the driver take the truck home.

How do you successfully recruit a truck driver?

Looking for the Best Ways to Recruit Truck Drivers?

  1. Social Media. In today’s world, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other popular social networks are rapidly growing.
  2. Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Driver Recruitment Landing Pages.
  4. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.
  5. Driver Job Boards & Aggregator Sites.

How do I become a trucking recruiter?

To become a driver recruiter, you typically need prior recruiting, customer service, or sales experience. Preferred qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and experience in the trucking industry. Successful driver recruiters have strong communication and organizational skills.

How do I become an independent trucking recruiter?

How can I be a better truck driver recruiter?

To effectively recruit truck drivers and meet your goals, keep these top 5 skills in mind:

  1. Be Proactive. This is key to a becoming a successful driver recruiter.
  2. Be Organized. Being organized is also an essential driver recruiter skill.
  3. Stay Prioritized.
  4. Be Flexible.
  5. Cultivate and Maintain Relationships.

Does Lil Durk own a trucking company?

To give another example of how relevant the trucking business is right now, famous rapper Lil Durk recently started his own trucking and realty business.

Do Schneider drivers take their trucks home?

Schneider allows its company drivers to park their trucks at approved, safe locations only. Depending on where you live, I have known of drivers who have to drive over 100 miles to commute from that parking location to their home and vice-versa, during home time. Make sure you ask a recruiter before making a decision.