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Do you have to make an appointment to go to the Georgia Aquarium?

Do you have to make an appointment to go to the Georgia Aquarium?

To keep our guests, staff, and animals safe, we are limiting visitors to a specific arrival time for your Aquarium visit. Please create a reservation for your visit so we know how many guests to expect. PLEASE NOTE: This reservation will be required in addition to a valid ticket to enter.

Can you bring outside food to the Georgia Aquarium?

What can I bring into the Aquarium? There are no guns, knives, matches, lighters, fishing poles, outside food, beverages, balloons, disposable drinking straws or gum allowed inside Georgia Aquarium.

What happens if your late to Georgia Aquarium?

If you’re running late, you need to be through the waiting line, to where they scan your ticket by up to 1 hour past your ticket entry time. If you’re going to be later than that, you must call them prior to your entry time & they’ll reissue you a later entry time ticket.

Can you buy GA Aquarium tickets at the door?

You can buy tickets at the door. BUT you get the best price if you purchase the City Pass booklets.

How much does it cost to get into the Georgia Aquarium?

Cost: General admission tickets cost $35.95 for regardless of age or arrival time. Children ages 2 and under are free; no admission tickets are required. Parking costs $17 for the general rate while members pay $11. There’s also a $12 discounted rate for aquarium guests.

Which is better Atlanta zoo or aquarium?

Zoo Atlanta and Georgia Aquarium are both recommended by expert writers. On balance, Georgia Aquarium is the choice of most professionals compared to Zoo Atlanta. Georgia Aquarium ranks #2 in Atlanta with endorsements from 8 reviews like Frommer’s, Travel + Leisure and Lonely Planet.

How long do you spend at the Georgia Aquarium?

about 3-4 hours
We recommend about 3-4 hours to view our entire Aquarium. Weekends are our busiest times, so be sure to arrive early.

How long do you need at Georgia Aquarium?

How to get admission to the Georgia Aquarium?

Save 45% off admission to Atlanta’s top 5 attractions, with Atlanta CityPASS . Visit the attractions at your own pace, in any order, over a 9-day period. Buy CityPASS online for immediate, paperless delivery to your mobile device. Learn more. Georgia Aquarium is located in downtown Atlanta across from Centennial Olympic Park.

Is the Georgia Aquarium worth visiting with kids?

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the highlights in Atlanta, GA and a wonderful attraction to enjoy with kids. Use this guide to get the most out of your family’s visit to the aquarium. A heads up: This aquarium is LOUD! Our recent trip to Atlanta was a great way to start the year!

What does it mean to be a member of the Georgia Aquarium?

A Georgia Aquarium Membership guarantees you and your family new thrills, adventures and fish-filled fun each time you visit. Members can take advantage of free and discounted admission to special events, discounts on Aquarium programs and more.

Can you eat outside at the Georgia Aquarium?

The Georgia Aquarium doesn’t allow outside snacks, so you have to be strategic. First of all, fill up on a good breakfast and snacks right before you head into the aquarium.