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Does A Walk to Remember have inappropriate scenes?

Does A Walk to Remember have inappropriate scenes?

SEX/NUDITY 3 – A young man and woman kiss many times, in different scenes. A young man makes suggestive remarks to a young woman, and a young man grabs his crotch in a suggestive manner. A young man thrusts his hips acting as if he’s having sex. A young man and woman dance together in a few scenes.

How old was Mandy Moore when she filmed a walk to remember?

6. Because she was a minor, Moore could only work 10 hours per day. She celebrated her 17th birthday while filming the movie.

Is a walk to remember a real movie?

One of the greatest things about this movie is that it’s based on a true story. Specifically, the story of Nicholas Sparks’ sister, who was diagnosed with cancer and whose boyfriend proposed to her because she wanted to get married before she died. She passed away a year before filming started.

Is the notebook inappropriate?

Parents need to know that this three-hanky World War II-era romance has pretty steamy sexual content for a PG-13-rated movie, including very passionate kissing and a fairly graphic lovemaking scene (though only shoulders are shown).

Is A Walk to Remember Family Friendly?

Parents need to know that A Walk to Remember is a 2002 coming-of-age movie loosely based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. Landon’s best friend is African American, but the character’s dialogue is so stereotyped that he seems like the “token black guy” in Not Another Teen Movie.

Why does Jamie tell Landon not to fall in love with her?

When Jamie realized that God had sent Landon as her miracle, she told Landon not to fall in love with her. She knew she was dying and she did not want him to get hurt.

Is Dear John appropriate for a 13 year old?

Parents need to know that this Channing Tatum/Amanda Seyfried romantic drama based on Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel includes some non-graphic sexuality and wartime violence (including one scene in which two soldiers are shot) but is otherwise a pretty tame romance that’s age appropriate for teens.