Does Antichamber have an ending?

Does Antichamber have an ending?

3 Answers. Nope, there is only one ending. The timer is explicitly there to demonstrate how pointless it is. Much of the game is about breaking gaming conventions.

How long does it take to beat Antichamber?

rnrnFinal Summaryrnrn Antichamber is a very reasonable puzzle game which will likely take you a good 6 hours to complete, possibly longer depending on whether you get stuck on some of the puzzles or attempt some of the puzzles that you cannot solve before you’re supposed to do so.

Who made Antichamber?


What is the goal of Antichamber?

Welcome to the Antichamber Wiki Antichamber (originally Hazard: The Journey of Life) is a psychological exploration game created by Alexander Bruce involving the use of lateral thinking and logic to progress through a labyrinth of puzzles and unlock new locations on the Map.

What do the pink cubes do in Antichamber?

Managing Resources. The pink cube is behind the door to the left. Use cubes to either build a staircase or pillar upward to get up the fake stairs where the pink cube is.

What looks out of reach may only be a few steps away?

What looks out of reach may only be a few steps away. There are multiple ways to approach a situation. When you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is up. Some outcomes are more favorable than others.

Is Omori worth the money?

OMORI is an incredibly good RPG Maker game that deals with a lot of uncomfortable things. The characters have their personality, and the game’s plot is incredibly good. If you’re going for an interesting RPG with a great plot and a lot of references to Earthbound, then try out OMORI.

Why is Omori a horror game?

Prominently featuring concepts such as anxiety and depression, the game has psychological horror elements. In the story, the player controls a hikikomori boy named Sunny and his dream world alter-ego Omori. They explore both the real world and the surreal dream world to overcome their fears and secrets.

What is an antechamber in a tomb?

Measuring twenty-six by twelve feet, the antechamber was the biggest room in the tomb. It held a bewildering array of both secular and religious objects. Three large, animal-shaped couches lined it’s western wall. Stacked over and under them were several royal thrones as well as ordinary wicker stools.