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Does Beckham have 8 kids?

Does Beckham have 8 kids?

Meet Kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

Why did Beckham’s call daughter Harper?

One of the reasons is Harper is an old English name which we love. One of the other reasons is Victoria’s favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and the author was Harper Lee,” Beckham explains.

How old is David Beckham’s daughter Harper?

David Beckham is having a hard time letting go as his 10-year-old daughter, Harper, returns to school. Harper’s proud parents, David and Victoria Beckham, asked their youngest child how she was feeling about going back to school.

Which Beckham child looks like David?

The former Spice Girls member posted a pic of Beckham lying down with his second-oldest son, Romeo. The two look like literal copies of each other in the picture, and while Romeo has the same face as his dad, the two were even sporting the same bleach blond haircut.

What does David Beckham’s son?

Brooklyn Beckham
Romeo James BeckhamCruz Beckham
David Beckham/Sons

What’s the Beckham’s daughter called?

Harper Seven Beckham
David Beckham/Daughters

Harper Seven Beckham might have only just turned nine years old, but she’s well on her way to becoming an even bigger fashion icon than either of her parents.

What is David Beckham’s middle name?

David Robert Joseph Beckham
David Beckham/Full name

Who is the eldest Beckham child?

Brooklyn Joseph Beckham
Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (born 4 March 1999) is an English model and photographer. He is the eldest son of English former footballer David Beckham and English singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

Who is Beckhams wife?

Victoria Beckhamm. 1999
David Beckham/Wife

Who is Jordan Beckham?

Jordan Beckham is an American who is a popular Instagram and Tiktok star and a well-known social media personality. She is mainly known for posting her bold and sexy pictures on her different social media accounts.