Does bomdila have snow?

Does bomdila have snow?

No snowfall in Bomdila town, but you may find snow in GRL monastery above Bomdila.

Is it cold in Pakistan in January?

Evenings are cool; the daily variation in temperature may be as much as 11 °C to 17 °C. Winters are cold, with minimum mean temperatures in Punjab of about 4 °C (39 °F) in January, and sub-zero temperatures in the far north and Balochistan.

How cold is Denmark in January?

In Denmark, January temperatures average between −2 °C (28 °F) and 4 °C (39 °F). Denmark’s coldest month, however, is February, where the mean temperature is 0 °C (32 °F).

How cold is Wisconsin in January?

Daily high temperatures are around 28°F, rarely falling below 11°F or exceeding 42°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 27°F on January 21. Daily low temperatures are around 14°F, rarely falling below -7°F or exceeding 31°F.

Does Tawang have snow?

Late November and beginning of December is very pleasant time to enjoy snowfall in Tawang. Snowfall in Tawang generally starts from the beginning of November and lasts until May. If you planning to visit Tawang in winter it is advisable to contact local travel agencies to know about the weather condition beforehand.

Which month is best for Tawang?

The best season to visit Tawang is the summers season and onset of monsoon season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are March, April, May, June, September and October.

Which is the coldest month in Pakistan?


Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month June (88 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (52 °F avg)
Wettest Month August (1.67″ avg)
Windiest Month June (8 mph avg)

Is Pakistan hot or cold?

Pakistan lies in the temperate zone. The climate is generally arid, characterized by hot summers and cool or cold winters, and wide variations between extremes of temperature at given locations. There is little rainfall.

Is January a good time to visit Copenhagen?

The best time to visit Copenhagen is from March to May or between June and August – depending on what you’re looking for. While the summer brings the warmest weather and a number of popular, large-scale events, those looking for lower rates and fewer crowds can still enjoy the mild weather in the spring.

What is the coldest month in Wisconsin?

The coldest month is January, when the average high temperature is only 28 °F (-2 °C). Low temperatures in January average 16°F (-8°C).

What is the coldest city in Wisconsin?

Eau Claire
Actually, Eau Claire is the coldest city in Wisconsin and the 11th coldest in the U.S., according to average winter temperatures tracked by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climactic Data Center. USA Today newspaper compiled the list of coldest cities.