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Does Chevrolet still make the City Express van?

Does Chevrolet still make the City Express van?

Chevrolet has built the 2021 City Express Van with Wisconsin workers in mind and has made sure that it will handle anything you can throw at it….Some of the features you’ll find on the 2021 Chevrolet City Express Cargo Van LT include:

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Who makes Chevrolet City Express cargo van?

Nissan NV200
Chevrolet City Express models The 2018 Chevrolet City Express is a small cargo van that’s mechanically related to the Nissan NV200. It comes in two basic trim levels: LS and LT.

Is the Chevy City express the same as Nissan NV200?

The City Express is a product of a GM partnership with Nissan, which debuted in February 2014. The City Express is nothing more than a rebadged Nissan NV200, which sold considerably better. When City Express sales peaked in 2015 at 10,283 – the van’s first full year on sale – Nissan sold more than 17,300 NV200s.

What is a Chevy City Express?

Vehicle overview The 2015 Chevrolet City Express is an all-new, compact cargo van that is based on the Nissan NV200. For Chevrolet, it’s a departure from large utilitarian cargo vans like the Express. It’s a small work van for the city, designed to haul medium-size loads and return better fuel economy.

How long do Chevy Express vans last?

The Chevy Express van will last on average of 250,000 miles. Based on the average annual driving of 15,000 miles a year, the Chevy Express van will last over 16 years. This average is dependent on how the vehicle is treated and if maintenance is done as directed by the dealer.

Why did Chevy stop making the City Express?

The Chevrolet City Express is Done after 2018 Chevrolet has decided to pull the plug on its City Express minivan. Perhaps because the Chevy van did not constitute a wholly unique product, it never made much of a niche for itself among consumers. Fewer than 30,000 units of the model sold since it debuted in late 2014.

Who makes the City Express?

Chevrolet City Express
The 2018 Chevrolet City Express van is basically a Nissan NV200 with some Chevy styling upgrades. Because there are no mechanical changes, the two vans ride and drive exactly the same. That said, you’ll find the City Express delivers a comfortable ride that remains fairly composed even over rough pavement.

What is the small Chevy van called?

City Express
Ford makes the Transit Connect, but if you’re like us, you may have forgotten Chevrolet has its own small van called the City Express. Essentially a rebadged Nissan NV200, it entered the market in 2014, but it failed to gain the same sales success as many of its rivals. Now, General Motors has finally pulled the plug.