Does Fender still make the American Standard Stratocaster?

Does Fender still make the American Standard Stratocaster?

Is The Fender American Standard Series Being Discontinued? Unfortunately, they have indeed been discontinued. This means that Fender is no longer manufacturing new instruments in the line and as soon as they are out of stock, they’re gone for good.

What is the difference between Stratocaster and Stratocaster HSS?

The most obvious difference between the Fender Stratocaster HSS and Stratocaster SSS is their pickup configuration. After all, this is what the HSS or SSS stands for. The original Strat features three single-coil pickups, one on the bridge and two on the guitar body.

Are HSS Strats good for beginners?

Squier makes real Strats. This classic Strat design is great for beginners who are into blues, country, and rock. For those newbie guitarists who are into heavier rock or metal, I suggest choosing a pack with an HSS Strat. This will give you a guitar with a humbucker in addition to two single-coil pickups.

What replaced the American Standard Stratocaster?

The new Fender American Pro series replaces the old American Standards and brings the guitars more in line with the recently released Fender American Elites. The Fender Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster and the basses are legendary models and have been played by an enormous range of players over the last sixty-odd years.

How much is an American Fender Stratocaster?

Stratocaster electric guitars cost between $180 and $2500. Fender Stratocasters are the most expensive, ranging from $500-$2500, with the most popular Fender American Professional Stratocaster costing around $1500. Squier Stratocasters are more affordable versions which range from roughly $180-$500.

Where is the Fender American professional Stratocaster made?

Southern California
Made in Fender’s Corona facility in Southern California, the original American Professional models were designed to supersede the American Standard line.

Do Fender guitars hold value?

Fender. Fender is quite possibly the most popular electric guitar brand next to Gibson. From my experience, I find it pretty hard to find a good deal on a Fender Stratocaster used unless it’s a very old model. This means that they retain their value very well.

Do Fender Strats go up in value?

So no, your current Fenders will not increase in any significant value. The prices were already going up in the 80’s. 70’s strats were bringing $300 to $400 used (when you could find a buyer for them) and the 50’s/60’s models were bringing $1200 to $2500.

What strings come with Fender Strat’s?

Best Strings For Fender Strat Guitars | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews Fender Super 250’s Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings. Let’s start with the classic set of nickel-plated strings. D’Addario EXL110-3D XL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings. Next up is a set of nickel wound electric guitar strings by D’Addario. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Sets.

What’s the difference between Squier Strat and Stratocaster?

The Squiers are a cheap version of the STratocaster (Strat is short for STratocaster). The Squiers are generally made on production line in Asia somewhere, whereas the proper Strats are made in America and with personal input. Hence the difference in price. But the Squier is still a Fender, and a great electric guitar to start on.

Where are Fender Stratocaster made?

Fender Stratocasters are built in the United States, Mexico, Japan and Korea. American, American Deluxe, Artist, Custom Classic, Custom Artist and Highway One series Stratocasters are made in a Fender factory in Corona, California, United States of America and are commonly called Made In America (MIA) Stratocasters.