Does Honda make a good snow blower?

Does Honda make a good snow blower?

Considering cost, performance, maintenance, and features, the best blower from Honda has to be the Honda HSS724ATD 198cc Two-Stage Electric Start Track Snow Blower. Although it isn’t as powerful as a couple of other machines by Honda, it definitely handles big banks.

Where are Honda snowblowers made?

the USA
Designed, Developed, and Built in the USA. Like all Honda products, legendary reliability and quality are built right in – and for all Honda HS720 and HSS snow blowers, that assembly and production takes place in our North Carolina facility with domestic and globally sourced parts.

Which snow blowers have Honda engines?

1. Honda 9HP 28In Two-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower. If you are looking for superior traction through all conditions, the Honda 9HP 28In Two-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower with an electric start is the snow blower for you! Equipped with a Honda GX200 engine, the blower is reliable, quiet, and fuel-efficient.

Are LCT engines any good?

My experience with LCT is that they are very reliable & very powerful. They run smoothly & start easily. We tested these engines in very tough conditions in the U.P. of Michigan. They are not quiet, especially the 12 horse.

Who makes the best 2 stage snowblower?

Best 2-Stage Snow Blowers

  • Ariens Deluxe 24. A great all-around 24-inch blower by Ariens that has a serrated steel auger that smashes through ice and slush.
  • Ariens Deluxe 28. One of the best economical friendly two-stage snow blowers on the market.
  • Cub Cadet 2X 24.
  • Husqvarna ST224P.
  • Troy-Bilt Storm 2410.

What snow blower throws snow the farthest?

Here’s an overview of our picks for the best farthest throwing snow blowers on the market right now.

  1. Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO28 in.
  2. Husqvarna ST224P snow blower, 208cc gas Two-Stage Snow Blower, 24 in.
  3. Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage 30″ Snow Blower , 306cc Engine (w/ Heated Hand Grips and Dual-Trigger)

Are 3 stage snow blowers worth it?

Simply put, if you are someone who wants the best and the most powerful machine on the market, and money and time is no object, a three-stage snow blower is worth it.

Are LCT engines made in China?

LCT: LCT is an American owned company and they own their factories in China. You will mainly see this brand on Ariens and Husqvarna snowblowers but there are a few smaller brands now using this manufacturer. Storm Force, Ariens AX, and Snow King are LCT engines.

What makes a Honda track Drive snow blower so good?

Honda’s exclusive hydrostatic transmission allows you to easily match the ground speed with snow conditions, it also enables your Honda track drive snow blower to burrow through snow drifts like a bulldozer, plus, transmission disengagement is simple, making for easy transporting with the engine off

How big does a Honda snow blower get?

A gasoline-powered snow blower with a 0.82-gal capacity OHV engine, generating a 196cc cylinder displacement, throwing snow up to 49 feet away, boasting an electronic joystick remote-controlled chute with a 198-degree turn radius, as well as a 3-year residential and commercial warranty.

Can a track Drive snowblower be used at work?

You may not have a tank to drive to work, but you have the next best thing – a track-drive snowblower. When the snow really piles up, tracks can make the job that much easier.

How does joystick control work on Honda snow blower?

The all-new electric 4-direction joystick chute control lets you reposition the chute on the go. With up to 198 degrees of rotation, the joystick chute control allows you to clear snow faster and more efficiently. Left and right control levers provide easy and intuitive steering control.