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Does Joey Graceffa play Minecraft?

Does Joey Graceffa play Minecraft?

JOEY GRACEFFA has two self-named YouTube channels: a variety entertainment channel and a gaming channel. The other Joey Graceffa channel is a gaming channel featuring games such as Minecraft and The Sims.

Is Joey Graceffa married to Miranda Sings?

In 2013, Ballinger began a series of Miranda collaboration videos about “dating” YouTuber Joey Graceffa; an ongoing gag is that she cannot pronounce his last name. She has stated that the two are engaged, but she has accumulated several other boyfriends or “baes”.

How old is Joey Graceffa Minecraft?

28-year old
Joseph “Joey” Graceffa, is a 28-year old American Teen Choice and Shorty Award nominated YouTuber. He has accompanied Stacy in many Minecraft series….Joey Graceffa.

Birthdate May 16, 1991
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, USA

What’s wrong with Joey Graceffa?

He’s talked before about his ongoing struggles with thrush, an infection that usually strikes when a person’s immunity is down. Graceffa tears up as he apologizes to fans, explaining that his thrush keeps returning because he isn’t giving himself time to recover after flare-ups.

Who is Joey Graceffa’s girlfriend?

Daniel Preda
2016–present: Escape the Night, books, and other endeavors. On February 14, 2016, Graceffa announced that he has been in a relationship with Daniel Preda since July 2014 in a video titled “OUR LOVE STORY!”.

Why is Joey Graceffa sick?

Is Joey dating Daniel?

Why Did Joey And Daniel Break Up? Joey Graceffa uploaded an emotional video titled We broke up on his channel, announcing the end of the six-year-long relationship of the couple. In that video, he reveals to his audience that they were broke up for the past three months and were living together still since then.