Does Pediasure peptide need to be refrigerated?

Does Pediasure peptide need to be refrigerated?

Store unopened at room temperature. After opening, refrigerate and use within 48 hours. Tube Feeding: Follow physician’s instructions.

What is Pediasure peptide used for?

PEDIASURE PEPTIDE 1.0 Cal is a nutritionally complete, peptide-based formula for the nutritional needs of children 1 to 13 years of age with malabsorption, maldigestion, and other GI conditions. For oral or tube feeding. For supplemental or sole-source nutrition. Use under medical supervision.

Is there unflavored Pediasure?

PediaSure Peptide 1.0, Unflavored, Rtf, Institutional – 24 ct.

Is Pediasure peptide hypoallergenic?

Hydrolyzed Proteins/Hypoallergenic PediaSure Peptide 1.0 Cal 1–13 yrs Malabsorption, maldigestion, and other GI conditions. Sole source or supplemental nutrition via oral or tube feeding. Hydrolyzed protein and contains prebiotics. 30 kcal/oz, 8 oz serving or 1000 mL can.

Does PediaSure increase weight?

Pediasure helps adults gain weight by increasing their total calorie intake. Nutritional supplements like Pediasure also reduce weight loss, stimulate appetite, and improve protein and micronutrient intake ( 18 ).

What type of feeding formula is PediaSure?

Complete, Balanced Nutrition® PEDIASURE ENTERAL FORMULA 1.0 Cal is a source of complete, balanced nutrition especially designed for the tube feeding of children 1 to 13 years of age. For tube feeding. May be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement. Use under medical supervision.

Can adults drink PediaSure peptide?

Pediasure is easy to drink, so it may be especially useful for adults who can’t easily chew or swallow solid foods. It pairs nicely with a meal, or you can consume it as a snack between meals. Some adults may prefer Pediasure to other nutritional supplements because of its sweet taste and variety of flavors.

Can adults drink Pediasure peptide?

What type of feeding formula is Pediasure?