Does Ranger make Triton boats?

Does Ranger make Triton boats?

Ranger,Triton & Stratos are owned by the same parent company just as Yamaha, Skeeter & G3 are. All rangers, tritons and stratos boats are built in flippin, AR. Triton used to make a very well known and good quality aluminum boat.

Who builds Triton?

Fishing Holdings LLC
On Dec. 11, Bass Pro Group, the owner of Bass Pro Shops, announced it had signed a deal to acquire Fishing Holdings LLC, the manufacturer of Ranger, Triton and Stratos fishing boat brands. The move will merge some of the largest brands in the fishing world under the same ownership.

What year did Triton boats stop using wood?

1987 was the last year with wood transoms. 1988 was the last year for wood stringers. From 1989 on they had no wood in the hull.

How deep does a bass boat sit in water?

Most bass boats can comfortably run in shallow water that is 24″ deep (2 feet) with the motor fully engaged.

What’s the difference between a Ranger and a Triton?

I know the Triton’s are weighed throughout the process and the difference in weight of our flagship 21 foot boats and Ranger’s is about 75 pounds. Our hull is known to be a bit faster and each boat varies by motor, prop and driver with some of the models you will have to drive the boat more than others model to model and brand to brand all vary

When to buy a ranger or Triton bass boat?

Im looking at buying a used boat in the 2001-2006 era around 20-25 thounsand looking at both triton and ranger 20 foot plus on both. Seems price is same on the two.Whats your opinion and or experience with the two any info would be helpful good or bad. im new to bass fishing! thanks

Which is better Triton tx18 or Ranger rt188?

I read several posts on the BBC boards and in general people are pretty high on the RT188. A lot of comments like “best riding aluminum bass boat.” “More injected foam in the hull for a more solid ride than competitors.”

What makes a boat different from a Triton?

Robb you are correct in that the weights of the boats from the different manufacturers do vary but that isn’t just additional fiberglass. The weights of the same model boats built by the same company also vary from boat to boat. You may have a difference in deck lid material , consoles etc that will show a different overall weight.