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How big do the Australian rainbow fish get?

How big do the Australian rainbow fish get?

Description. Australian rainbowfish reach maximum lengths of 11 cm (4.3 in), but the males are usually no larger than 8.5 cm (3.3 in), while the females usually only grow to 7 cm (2.8 in). The body is elongated, with a small head and large eyes. Australian rainbowfish have two dorsal fins and a pointed anal fin.

What fish can live with Australian rainbowfish?

Melanotaeniid rainbowfish are peaceful yet active and get along with most similarly sized, non-aggressive fish. Different species can be mixed together and can also be kept with larger tetras, peaceful barbs, rasboras, danios, catfish and even non-aggressive cichlids such as Kribensis.

Do Australian rainbow fish like current?

Australian Rainbowfish are very active swimmers and should be kept in a tank that’s at least 30 inches in length with a capacity of 30 gallons or greater. You’ll need a cover slide and tightly fitting lid on your aquarium, as these fish are skilled jumpers.

Are Rainbow fish aggressive?

Outside of their pretty colors, having more than one male rainbowfish in your tank means that they may become aggressive towards each other and can injure each other during breeding season. Limit male rainbowfish to one per tank, and opt to fill your tank with other beautiful aquatic creatures.

Can Australian Rainbow Fish live with goldfish?

Pros of keeping Murray River Rainbow Fish with goldfish: ☑ Murray River Rainbow Fish are a very colorful fish that will brighten up any goldfish tank. ☑ They are very hardy and therefore low maintenance. ☑ They are peaceful fish and therefore unlikely to harass goldfish or any other tank mates.

Can Boesemani Rainbow fish live with guppies?

They are quite popular as an aquarium fish due to their colorful nature. Rainbowfish stay in harmony with community fishes such as tetras and guppies.

Are Rainbowfish hard to keep?

Because of their enthusiasm, it’s not very difficult to breed Rainbowfish in your home aquarium. There are some things you can do to encourage the process, though. Offer a twice-daily varied diet.

Who is eating my neon tetras?

Fish Herder Usually the biggest fish that has the biggest mouth is the one that is eating them… Next is, any fish that has mouth that is big enough to fit the Neon into its mouth will eat them.

How big do rainbow fish grow?

Most species of rainbowfish are less than 12 cm (4.7 in) in length, with some species measuring less than 6 cm (2.4 in), while one species, Melanotaenia vanheurni, reaches lengths of up to 20 cm (7.9 in). They live in a wide range of freshwater habitats, including rivers, lakes, and swamps.

Are rainbow fish fin nippers?

The rainbowfish are a new addition. The tetras have been fin nipping and killing other fish. So far they have killed 4 fish, one of which was even there before it was.