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How big does Skunk grow?

How big does Skunk grow?

Size. Skunks are typically around the size of house cats. They grow to 8 to 19 inches (20 to 48 centimeters) long and weigh around 7 ounces to 14 lbs.

How do you grow a Skunk 1?

Skunk #1 is best grown indoors or in greenhouses. It can also grow in temperate climates. SOG and SCROG methods are well suited for its cultivation. Its leaves by the end of flowering acquire a rich dark green color, like those of the Afghan relatives.

How much does Super Skunk yield?

It can produce approximately 18 ounces per square meter under optimal growing conditions.

How long does Skunk 1 take to flower?

8-9 weeks
The flowering period of Skunk #1 is 8-9 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling around mid-October.

How tall does Lemon Skunk grow?

The plant doesn’t need a special care. It’s a medium plant with a maximum height of 120-150 cm. The plant can produces a strong smell therefore it’s recommended to use filters.

Is Lemon Skunk a good strain?

Lemon Skunk has won handful of awards around the world and is a good choice of strain for breeders of all levels, requiring between 55 to 65 days to flower.

Is Skunk 1 mold resistant?

As any Skunk she is very mould and disease resistant and is virtually screw-up proof. Skunk no. 1 is quick to germinate, usually within a day.

Who made Skunk #1?

One of the early Dutch skunk pioneers was Sensi Seeds founder, Ben Dronkers….Ellis D. puts Skunk #1 Automatic to the test.

Strain Skunk #1 Automatic
Air humidity 60% (vegetative), 40% (flowering)
Watering by hand

How long does Super Skunk Auto take?

The combined genetics of Super Skunk and a premium Ruderalis results in robust plants with a short flowering time of around seven weeks. The plants will automatically begin blooming around six weeks after germination.

What strain is skunk hero?

Skunk Hero effects are mostly calming. If you miss your old school Skunk cultivars then you are in luck: Skunk Hero by Ethos Genetics brings it back by crossing a 1994 Super Skunk with their Mandarin Sunset. The result produces a plant with big yields, an early finish, and a powerful nose.

How long does Lemon Skunk take to grow?

Flowering Time Lemon Skunk can take around 8 to 9 weeks to flower sna prepare itself for a generous harvest. This strain can yield an expected average of about 18 ounces of good weed per square meter of sweet and sour smelling bud.

Is Lemon Skunk strong?

Lemon Skunk potency is higher than average.