How big is a 3G pitch?

How big is a 3G pitch?

100m x 64m
The playing surface should be 100m x 64m with a 3m run off on all sides free from obstacles; where an existing natural turf stadia pitch is being converted and space is limited the run off should be agreed with your FA regional Facilities and investment Manager.

Is a 3G pitch the same as Astroturf?

3G football turf consists of plastic fibres combined with a rubber crumb infill. This is not to be confused with 2G artificial turf. While that also consists of plastic fibres, 2G turf uses a sand infill, rather than a rubber crumb infill.

How much is a 3G football pitch?

How much does it cost to build a 3G football pitch? The average cost for a brand new, full sized, 3G artificial grass pitch (AGP) for football is around £600,000. However, overall, artificial football pitches can cost anywhere between £300,000 and £900,000 depending on a number of factors.

Are 3G pitches safe?

Third generation or 3G artificial grass pitches are recognised as durable, safe, year-round playing surfaces, able to withstand intensive use and all kinds of weather. They mean more people can benefit from all the associated social and health benefits of physical activity.

What is a 3G pitch?

3G Pitches 3G stands for a Third Generation synthetic surface which consists of three elements; synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. These surfaces are typically between 35mm-65mm in pile height.

What can you wear on a 3G pitch?

You Can Wear: Artificial grass (AG) football boots are the best option if you’re solely playing on 3G, but you can also get away with wearing firm-ground and astro-turf boots. Basically, you’ll usually be safe wearing anything with a plastic soleplate or moulded studs.

What can you wear on 3G pitch?

Which is better 3G or 4G pitch?

The Difference Between 3G and 4G The main difference between 3G and 4G surfaces is that 3G pitches contain infill, whilst 4G systems do not. 3G pitches are the latest to be recognised by any accredited governing body. Therefore, you will only find 3G pitches as being publically endorsed by sports teams or influencers.

How big is a 5 aside pitch?

The size of a 5-a-side football pitch, based on The FA’s recommendation, is 40 yards (36.5m) long with a width of 30 yards (27.5m). These measurements ensure its rectangular shape remains intact, with a useful way of remembering being that the length should exceed the breadth at a ratio of 2:1.

Is Astro Turf cancerous?

Results showed that five chemicals, including four polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), were found in samples. One of these compounds, chrysene, was present at levels higher than the standard established by OEHHA. Chrysene is a known carcinogen, meaning it can increase the risk of a child developing cancer.

How tall is a 3G pitch in football?

But what is a 3G pitch? This type of synthetic surfacing ranges in pile height from 32mm hockey surface to a 60mmm synthetic rugby surface. A standard specification for football would be a 40mm third generation system over a preformed or in situ shockpad depending on the type of sub base.

Why are 3G pitches used in the UK?

Third generation synthetic grass sports pitches are extremely popular throughout the UK and are often used as an all-weather alternative to natural grass surfacing. Due to the advancement in technology, 3G grass surfaces can be used for competitive matches and ensure that games are no longer called off due to wet weather.

What’s the difference between 3G and 4G astroturf pitches?

Our 3G SISTurf pitches are made in Britain using premium materials and tested to FIFA, World Rugby, Federation of International Hockey (FIH) standards by leading test houses. Fourth Generation (4G) surfaces consist of one element: synthetic turf.

What’s the FA Guide to 3G football turf?

The FA Guide to 3G Football Turf Pitch Summary of Key design Principles and layouts FA Technical Standards FiFa Quality concept for Football turf • All full size 3G FTPs should meet the FiFA Quality Concept for Football Turf – one star or the international Artificial Turf standard (iATs).