How can I play Apple 2 games on my PC?

How can I play Apple 2 games on my PC?

launch AppleWin, then click the disk 1 icon on the right, and select the first disk archive ; if the game has other disks, click on the disk 2 icon, and select the second disk archive ; click on the Apple icon on the right to reboot the emulator ; play!

What is microM8?

microM8 is an Apple II Emulator for Windows, macOS / OSX and Linux.

What is the best Apple IIgs emulator?

sweet16. Sweet16 is the most capable Apple IIgs emulator for computers running Mac OS X. Based on the BeOS version of Sweet16, which was in turn based on the outlandishly popular Bernie ][ The Rescue, its code is mature and positioned to have more and better features added over time.

How do I use AppleWin?


  1. Press the disk 1 icon, this selects what disk will be in the Apple’s first disk drive.
  2. A file browser should open, find the “ . do ” file you just created and select it.
  3. Now press the rainbow Apple logo to launch the machine.

What is active GS?

ActiveGS is a front-end based on the Kegs 0.91 emulator. The Kegs kernel has been *slightly* modified to integrate some improvement and bug fixes (cf. below), but the compatibility with the original interface has been maintained to easily share back those modifications.

Are there any emulators for the Apple 2?

EMU ][ emulates an Apple II, II+ and //e with 64K RAM. There’s also a version that emulates an Apple 2e with 128K RAM. It runs on Windows. AppleWin is an Apple II emulator for Windows that is able to emulate an Apple II, II+ and IIe.

Is there an emulator for Windows for Mac?

There are builds for Windows, macOS (Apple Macintosh) and Linux. Also, microM8 is free! The next generation of emulators, microM8 hopes to encourage learning and creativity by eliminating barriers present in traditional emulators, and by providing incentives for our users to collaborate and code.

Which is the best iPhone emulator for PC?

TestFlight This iPhone emulator is Apple’s officially recommended method for testing iOS apps. It comes with extensive documentation that makes it easier to use. It supports apps for iOS, iMessage, watchOS, and tvOS.

How can I uppload my Apple II ROM?

You can uppload your Apple II rom by clicking one of the disk Load buttons below the screen.