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How can I publish my paper in UGC?

How can I publish my paper in UGC?

Publication Procedure & GuidelinesDownload IJCRT Paper Format and Prepare Paper based on Unique Content.Submission of Manuscript/Paper ( Submit your paper online )Review of Your Paper within 2 Days You will get your Acceptance and Rejection Notification via Email and SMS.

How do you publish an academic paper?

How to Get Published in an Academic JournalGive yourself enough time. Early-career researchers are busy, and while the need to publish is pressing, they have lots of other responsibilities which can make writing difficult. Ask for help. Target the right journal. Follow instructions. Accept and embrace criticism. Re-submit. Be Patient.

Can undergraduates publish a research paper?

Most undergraduates do not publish, but it’s quite normal for undergraduates who get involved in research to end up publishing. Reasons why few undergraduates publish include: They are interested in research, but don’t manage to find a good mentor (typically a professor) to work with.